Dhookudu Audio Release Function at Shilpa Kala Vedika - Photo Coverage
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Dhookudu Audio Release (Set 1)

The audio of much expected film ‘Dhookudu’ was a grand event on Thursday evening, the 18th of August in Shilpa Kala Vedika in Hitex City, Hyderabad. ‘Dhookudu’ starring super star Mahesh Babu and stunning beauty Samantha is being directed by Sreenu Vaitla and produced by Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara under 14 Reels Entertainment (P) Ltd., with G Ramesh Babu as its presenter.

Before I begin to mention about this audio function, here are some interesting and powerful dialogues from ‘Dhookudu’ delivered by Mahesh Babu.

“Bhayaaniki Meaning Theleeni Blood Ra Naadi”, “Okkokkadiki Bulbulu Motham Pagulthaayi”, “Kallunnodu Mundhu Choosthadu, Dhimaak Vunnodu Duniya Motham Choosthadu”. This is not the end, one can hear many such interesting dialogues while watching the film.

Musical scores were rendered by SS Thaman for the first time for Mahesh Babu’s film. The audio function was a grandeur with the presence of celebrities like Super star Mahesh Babu, his wife Smt Namrata, Samantha, SS Rajamouli, Srinu Vaitla, Dr Brahmanandam, Dil Raju, Gemini Kiran, Bandla Ganesh, M L Kumar Chowdary, Sukumar, Sanjay Swaroop, G Aadi Seshagiri Rao, Chalapathi Prasad, Ramajogayya Sastry, Vishwa, Aditya music Subhash Gupta, SS Thaman, ‘SMS' hero Sudhir Babu and others.

The audio function started off with the screening of songs from super star Krishna and Mahesh Babu’s films. Jhansi anchored this wonderful show. The trailers screened on the LCD attracted the gathering. Fans enjoyed Mahesh’s dialogues. The venue was full of whistles and hand claps for his dialogues. Later Super star Krishna introduced his nephew (Alludu) Sudhir Babu to the audience. Aditya Music released the CDs in the market while the super successful director SS Rajamouli released the first CD and presented it director Sukumar.

Later Mahesh Babu while addressing the audience said, “This audio function is like a 100 days function. I know Thaman right from the days he was a key board player for Mani Sharma. He is the same person now and has not changed a bit in his behavior. That quality is very essential to become a big music director. He did an amazing job in ‘Dhookudu’ musical scores. So far I have not worked with such excellent producers. I thank each and everyone technician who worked for ‘Dhookudu’. Words are not sufficient to talk about Srinu Vaitla because I’ve seen his hard work. The shooting went on smoothly like a picnic. I was very happy during all the 9 months that I was shooting for ‘Dhookudu’. I will be grateful to Srinu Vaitla and his father for ever for presenting me a good film like ‘Dhookudu’. Samantha is a dedicated artist. She is simple and brilliant beauty. I’m very happy to have worked with her. Like everyone else I’m also eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Dhookudu’. The film is going to release next month. It’s going to be a big festival for the fans on the release day. I wish to have the blessings of my fans forever.”

Sreenu Vaitla said, “I’m also looking forward for the film’s release date. I made everyone wait for long, but I’m sure it’s going to be worth a wait. There are lot of expectations on ‘Dhookudu’ and it will cent percent reach their expectations. There would be many surprises in the film which the audience might not expect. I loved this film and worked for it for about an year just by focusing on it. It’s because I love Mahesh Babu so much. He might be a big super star but I felt like I was directing my younger brother. I directed this film with so much care that I would do for my younger brother. Mahesh too encouraged me by giving moral support. Mahesh Babu is the main reason for the film’s great output. The dialogue ‘Bhayaniki Meaning Theleeni Blood Ra Naadi’ is the inspiration of Krishna garu’s personality. Likewise many dialogues were penned with his inspiration. This film has been crafted keeping the audience of all segments in the mind. K V Guhan’s did a remarkable job in capturing every frame. So ‘Dhookudu’ which has been made with so many people’s efforts will definitely become a blockbuster. I never said before that my films would become hits before the release. However, I’m confidentially saying that ‘Dhookudu’ will become a super hit film. Producers Ram, Gopi and Anil have made this film without facing any problems. I wish them to produce many more good films in the near future.”

“I’m a big fan of Mahesh Babu. Thaman’s music is extraordinary in this film. The entire team worked very hard and also supported me. ‘Dhookudu’ is going to be a special film in my career. I’m eagerly waiting for its release. I thank my director and producers for giving me the opportunity to play a very good role in this film,” said Samantha.

SS Rajamouli said, “I’m very happy to see Mahesh Babu participating in such public function. But I do not know whether the credit goes to Namratha garu or the producers of this film. Whatever it may be so, today a festival for the fans. ‘Dhookudu’ songs as well as the trailers have immensely impressed me. Mahesh’s dialogues in the movie are simply fantastic. The entire world is going to watch this film which is made with Srinu Vaitla’s brain. This film in Mahesh-Samanta combination will become a big hit. Thaman’s music is excellent.”

Dil Raju said, “We released ‘Okkadu’ and ‘Pokiri’ in Nizam areas. Both became blockbuster films. Hence we planned for ‘Dhookudu’, but failed to get it. Their belief is that the film will become a big hit because I asked for it. That is the reason why they wanted to release on their own.”

Arya fame Sukumar said, “I would compulsory watch all Mahesh films on the first day morning show. I wish a grand success for this film.”

'SMS' hero Sudhir Babu said, “Mahesh Babu trusts only those who are trustworthy. I too am trying to follow his footsteps in this line. I’m a big fan of Krishna mavayya. I’m lucky to belong to one such family. I feel even happier for being Mahesh’s cousin (bava).”

Prominent producer G Aadi Seshagiri Rao said, “The fans were eagerly waiting for the audio function of Mahesh Babu’s film. Finally their wish has come true. Ram, Gopi and Anil produced ‘Dhookudu’ with perfect planning. In acting as well as popularity, Mahesh reached the heights to the extent that no one reach him. He not only proved his mettle as the son of a legendary actor Krishna but also reached the status where people address Kirshna as Mahesh’s father.”

Dr Brahmanandam said, “We cannot predict whether ‘Dhookudu’ is a 200 days film or a 1 year film because Mahesh’s performance is simply fantastic in ‘Dhookudu’. He is going to appear very different in this film. His performance is incredible. In this film I’ve shared screen with Mahesh through out the film. So far I’ve worked in 906 films and my role in this film is first of its kind in ‘Dhookudu’. This is a full-fledged comedy entertainer that would cent percent make the audience burst into laughter.”

Lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry said, “I penned four songs in the prestigious project ‘Dhookudu’. Everyone worked very hard with their heart and soul.”
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