Photos - Pullela Gopichand Press Meet on Physical Literacy Days Initiative at Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy, Gachibowli
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Pullela Gopichand Press Meet on Physical Literacy Days Initiative at Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy, Gachibowli

Time to get our young generation to be ‘ Fit for Life’

Gopichand embarks on Physical Literacy movement in Hyderabad

Physical Literacy Days, a first of its kind new initiative in India, is to be kicked off formally at Gopichand Academy in Gachibowli on Sunday, February 12 

Hyderabad, February 10, 2017….Gopichand, National Chief Coach, Indian Badminton and The Chief Patron and Initiative Leader of the Program "Sports 4 Life" to start a "Physical Literacy Days" initiative in city on the 1 km stretch road from IDBI bank to Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy starting from this Sunday, February 12. 

It is a first of its kind of initiative in India aims to improve Sports Knowledge and Physical Literacy in India, Mr. Pullela Gopichand informed addressing a press conference the Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy at Gachibowli on Friday morning. I have not seen any such initiative anywhere in India so far. But, I have witnessed a similar activity in China, he added.

Giving more details, Vishala Reddy, Lead Community Initiative under Physical Literacy Day Program, added that Raahgiri was the inspiration for the initiative. Physical Literacy Day is the brain child of the Pullela Gopichand, she added. This initiative will be driven by a team under his guidance, she added.

Speaking further, Gopichand added that we as a society focusing more on alphabetical literacy, numerical literacy but forgetting about Physical Literacy which teaches fundamental life skills & helps in personality development. He took the inspiration from olden days how ‘ Physical Movement’ was part of our work, arts, culture and native games. It’s time for us to bring back the legacy and pass on to our future generation, he mentioned.

“Physical Literacy Days”, a community development program under the “Physical Literacy movement” aims to bring change in the well being of a demographic comprises of people from all sections/all ages, by making them to adopt an active life style.

Variety of art, cultural, fun, fitness programs will be introduced at an identified location/s in Hyderabad and free access will be given for people to participate. At present, we are kicking it off from one pilot location from the academy itself, Gopichand mentioned.

This is open to all communities. It doesn’t cater to any specific community. Every citizen is invited to make use of it. Our aim is to see that every individual in the city must participate in Physical Literacy Day, Gopichand said.

We are not aiming at big number to begin with. We will start small and scale it over a period of time. We want more and more people to join and start taking it to their communities and localities, Gopichand informed.


About Physical Literacy program

Physical Literacy is the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to read their environment and make appropriate decisions, allowing them to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations. It supports long-term participation and performance to the best of one’s ability.


To further improve quality of physical literacy & sports knowledge in India, Pullela Gopichand, has initiated Physical Literacy program in India with a vision is to increase sports knowledge base in India by integrating sports, education, health and recreation through formalized research-driven knowledge creation & dissemination.

Area of work

The Physical Literacy initiative works in 3 areas majorly: 

  1. Advocacy to the Governments on sports programs & Policy Making / Infrastructure development guidance
  2. School Programs (Introduction of Sports Curriculum, Training and Coaching)
  3. Community Programs (Develop eco system with Sports Institutes, Retailers, colleges, corporates, fitness institutes, citizen clubs etcCommunity Engagement Program by well designed activity calendar throughout the year at identified locations)

 Why Physical Literacy Days?

  • In every 5 persons (20% of the population) in India are said to be suffering from some form of mental unrest.
  • 436,122 premature deaths/year in India derived from physical inactivity and obesity
  • Childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions with India reporting around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years (2010-2015) in children and adolescents aged between 5-19 years.
  • Hyderabad is known for highest number of Diabetic cases. Hyderabad also ranked number 1 in women obesity in India as per National Health Survey.
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