Photos - Grand Launch of Season's First Haleem at Cafe 555, Masab Tank, Hyderabad
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Grand Launch of Season's First Haleem at Cafe 555, Masab Tank, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, May 14th, 2017: It’s Haleem time Again!!! Finally the wait is over Café 555 introduces its most famous offering "Haleem" 15-days before the holy month of Ramzan.

Haleem in best of its forms, yes the best among any other in the city-Authentic Hyderabadi Haleem. The legacy of preparing this lip smacking dish date back to the year 1952, when Mr. Haji Abbas Hasemi who served his lip smacking preparation to then Nizam of Hyderabad H.E.H Mir Osman Ali Pasha and was appreciated by the Nizam for preparing the tastiest haleem.  

Café 555 has a long lasting tradition of preparing this lip smacking delicacy, “The Haleem” from the year 1952, since those golden days Café 555 carries on its legacy to serve “The Haleem” to its customers during the month of Ramazan. Thus it shows the calibre and the experience of preparing this lip smacking dish. 

What makes Café-555-The Most Preferred Haleem destination of twin cities, The Haleem Toppings. [email protected] is Topped Up with Lamb tongue, Chicken 65 and Boiled Egg-which is really a unique Top Up, which also gives a great taste to the haleem. This kind of Top Up is not provided by any other Haleem outlet of the town said Mr.Ali Reza M.D Café 555. 

Mr.Ali Reza M.D Café 555 said "Today we are introducing Season's First Haleem -15 days before Ramzan", Mr. Reza added " I am also glad to announce that this year we are introducing "Spl. Berista Haleem" featuring Spl. Roasted dry fruits, Spl. Fried Masala's & more. Mr. Ali Reza added " the authentic ingredients are more health beneficent than thought. Mr. Reza said that people often considered haleem with fat & oil, but usually the local haleem vendors use the low quality ingredients which often make haleem an unhealthy consumption. Café 555 which has a great history of preparing this authentic delicacy which uses all the original and authentic ingredients which makes this dish more nutritious and healthy in consumption, thus proving to be health beneficial for almost everyone, the toppings like lamb tongue, chicken 65, boiled eggs gives haleem an additional texture and a great taste.

The Haleem is available from evening 4:30 to late night at Café 555 outlet at Masab Tank - To ensure that no one misses out on Nizam’s Favourite.

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