Photos: Regina Cassandra at 92.7 BIG FM Big Green Ganesh, Hyderabad
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Regina Cassandra at 92.7 BIG FM’s Big Green Ganesh, Hyderabad

92.7 BIG FM’s unique and award winning initiative BIG Green Ganesha, - grows bigger in its eighth season.

In a bid to make a difference to the environment, 92.7 BIG FM’s eco-friendly brainchild - BIG Green Ganesha, aims to appeal to those who want to make a difference in a simple yet an innovative way.

Regina Cassandra (Subramaniam for Sale fame), performs celeb aarthi to the Paper Ganesha at an event held at Manjeera Mall, Kukatpally and pledged her continuous support for the noble cause.

Excited about being the face of BIG Green Ganesha Ms. Regina Cassandra said, “It’s a pleasure to be the part of BIG Green Ganesha and I am happy that 92.7 BIG FM has given me this opportunity. It’s a very noble cause that 92.7 BIG FM has started and I would like to appeal to fellow Hyderabadis to be a part of the initiative which leads towards embracing an eco-friendly way of life.”

Each year, 92.7 BIG FM, initiates a newspaper collection drive that is used later to make eco-friendly Ganesha idols. Local residents and celebrities join in to donate papers that help the skilled sculptors to make beautiful idols from the newspapers collected. As a constant endeavor to adhere to the sensibilities of devotees, 92.7 BIG FM constantly innovates to make this drive bigger and better than the previous year.

The radio station also saw an increased support from people and celebrities Anushka shetty, Lakshmi Manchu, Poonam Pandey, Sampoornesh Babu & Many small screen stars among others have actively contributed towards the initiative.

Hyderabad has always been on the forefront of celebrating the festival in an eco-friendly way and this year too BIG Green Ganesha aims to bring together people for the noble cause of going green.

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Regina Cassandra at 92.7 BIG FM Big Green Ganesh Regina Cassandra at 92.7 BIG FM Big Green Ganesh Regina Cassandra at 92.7 BIG FM Big Green Ganesh Regina Cassandra at 92.7 BIG FM Big Green Ganesh