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Maska Audio Review
The action and youthful romantic entertainer ‘Maska’ with Ram, Hansika and Sheela in central roles, has just released its audio in markets. Music Director, Chakri tried his best to give fast and furious sound tracks with danceable beats under Kandikonda’s hardcore lyrics that goes straight into the young minds.
Hare Hare Rama  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Suraj Jagan
This song is a good dance number for young stage dancers. Suraj Jagan lent his voice for this song in which Chakri used heavy instruments. The song appears very trendy and surely a good number for young hero like Ram who is excellent at dancing.
Gunde Godarila  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Zubin Garg, Kausalya
This is a romantic number. Zubin Garg, Kausalya lent their voices. This romantic song with right words from Kandikonda brings in front of you any known flourishing village. A sure romantic song for long drives, but only drawback is the male voice lent by a non-Telugu singer.
Kalloki Dilloki  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Chakri
This is a hero oriented mass song for Ram but strangely Chakri’s voice is far from Ram’s personality although he lent his voice to Ram in Devdas. It also appears that the starting tune has been taken from Chakri’s previous film ‘Desamuduru’. The music is also not that impressive in this number.
Kalagannana Kalagannana  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Chakri, Kausalya
This is romantic number with contributions from Chakri and Kausalya. The song is a mixed bag of style and rhythmic beats thus giving the track more accessible feel.
Aa Vaipunna Ee Vaipunna  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam
This, a typical song for teens and will become popular among the young lot. Chakri did hundred percent justice to Kandikonda lyrics. Hariharan’s voice added flavor to the lyrics and music.
Bhagdad Gajadongai Vastha  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Ravi Varma, Sunidhi Chauhan
Ravi Varma and Sunidhi Chauhan have succeeded immensely in providing this number supported aptly by Kandikonda and Chakri. Kandikonda attacks the Telugu audience with his splendid work, a combo from Hindi and English. Aimed at masses this song with enough right instruments gives a stage performance feel and sure to be a part of all reality shows. Chakri’s danceable beats is the high-light and the singers’ voice is very captivating. This pick of the album would bring in front of you the stunning dance movements of Ram who is a natural dancer. A gift pack for audience indeed!
Baring two to three songs, all other songs are not that impressive. Chakri known for his splendid works with hits like ‘Choopulatho guchi guchi champake..mere hai’ and ‘Chennai Chandram…’, could not do justice in this film. Still the last song ‘Bhagdad Gajadongai Vastha’ might stand above the rest.
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