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Aarya 2 - Yet another promising album from Devisri, enjoy!!
‘Arya 2’ starring Allu Arjun, Navdeep, Kajal Agarwal and Shraddha Arya is a sequel to ‘Arya’ directed by Sukumar. Devisri Prasad composed the music for both versions and here I am presenting a review on ‘Arya 2’ music. ‘Anandham’, ‘Kalasukovalani’, ‘Manmadhudu’, ‘Arya’, ‘Bunny’, ‘Varsham’, ‘Nuvvosthanante Nenodhantana’, ‘Bommarillu’, and ‘Jalsa’ are some of the best examples to say that Devisri is a versatile composer with the skill of crafting ace tunes for romantic numbers. Therefore I am expecting ‘Arya 2’ to be as promising as the above mentioned films.
Mr. Perfect  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Kedar, Devisri Prasad Singer: Baba Sehgal, Rita
Yes! ‘Mr. Perfect’ starts off with simple drum beats, then focus on stylish lyrics and transforms into a danceable number shows the impressive skills of the composer. Baba Sehgal, Rita and the chorus are perfect to ‘Mr. Perfect’. Youthful and catchy lyrics penned by Kedar and Devisri were crafted keeping the repetitive drum thump through out the track which gave a fantastic effect. No matter, the music is always there for all to enjoy, but Devisri’s music is a breath of fresh air to Telugu films, next to the music maestro Ilayaraja’s. ‘Mr. Perfect’ is a smashing number with perfect rhythm.
Uppenantha  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Balaji Singer: KK
Oh my God! It’s simply superb. ‘Uppenantha’ is a cool romantic song with great guitar work. The song lyrics narrate the feelings of the hero’s youthful and blissful love. Balaji penned the lyrics that offer a very simply song structure and the slow rhythm builds a romantic feel to the listener. Yet another clean and neat composition comes from Devisri. The ease in KK’s voice shows his enthusiasm.
Baby He Loves You  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Devisri Prasad
‘Baby He Loves You’ begins with a conversation between the lead pair. The lyrics in the song indicate that it is situational bound. If one had already seen ‘Arya’, he/she can understand the situation in this song while the lyrics indicate the hero (Allu Arjun) persuading the heroine (Kajal) about her boy-friend’s (Navdeep) love. Some more great music from Devisri with accurately formed harmonious pop with a beat that you can’t help tapping your foot to the tune. Sung by Devisri himself the catchy lyrics are penned by the great lyricist Chandra Bose.
Ringa Ringa  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Priya Hemesh
‘Ringa Ringa’ is a foot percussion rustic piece presented in style. We are already familiar with ‘Aa ante Amalapuram’ in ‘Arya’ and now not to speak of this ‘Ringa Ringa’ which also holds its own with playful rendition by Devisri Prasad. Priya Hemesh’s vigorous vocal for Chandra Bose’s lyrics supported by Devisri’s voice and the repetitive drum beats only make our shoulders shake, shake, shake and shake.
Karigeloga  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Kunal Ganjawala, Megha
Oh! What a wonderful song that touches one’s heart. Romantic numbers have beautiful lyrics as song writer pen by his inner soul from deep within the heart. Likewise Vanamali’s lyrics bring new emotional depth to the song. It speaks all about hero’s love in a poetic way. Kunal Ganjawala and Megha’s free flowing vocals with acoustic instrumentation sound beautiful and stunningly melodious.
My Love is Gone  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Ranjith
Here, Devisri’s band got off to an energetic start with a mix of vocal and instrumental sets. ‘My Love Is Gone’ is about carefree youthful emotions of a hero sung by Ranjith with fabulous flow and rhythm throughout are delight to ears. The song indicates the situation of hero thinking that he lost the heroine’s love. However, the lyrics presented by Chandra Bose are trendy and the energetic beats make the song extremely enjoyable!
Karigeloga  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Sagar
With simple guitar strings ‘Karige Loga ee kshanam’ starts so fragile. Although it is a repetitive number, Devisri’s heart rendering music makes the song more expressive and lively. He chose Sagar for this solo track. As I said before, Vanamali’s lyrics bring new emotional depth to the song. Simply amazing!
Mr. Perfect (DSP Mix)  Music: Devisri Prasad Lyrics: Kedar Singer: Devisri Prasad
Finally Devisri comes with the sound-track in his usual remix style as his fans know that Devi loves to end his albums with fast numbers. This repetitive number with well placed harmonies is sure to be a danceable number at your favourite pubs.
In the end I felt that this Tollywood’s most promising music composer came up with yet another pretty damn awesome album. Go buy it now from your nearest music shop if you are music lover.
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