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Bindaas - A Sheer Pleasure to the Youth
'Bindaas', the latest film of Manchu Manoj Kumar co-starring a new face Sheena Shahabadi is directed by Veeru Potla and produced by Sunkara Ramabrahmam under AK Entertainments banner. The music for the film is composed by the Tamil music directors Bobo Sashi and Guru Charan aiming to make their mark in Telugu through this youthful entertainer. There are altogether eight soundtracks of which Bobo Sashi composed seven and Guru Charan one number. Well now let's see....
Girija Girija  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry Singer: Karthik, Chinmayi, Chorus, Santyan, Sam
The prelude of this song starts with fuzzy lead guitar along with chorus and ‘Girija….Girija…’ vocals. The light drum beats which transforms into foot tapping number helps create the mood of the song. Lyrics ‘Nenanthe Nuvvu Na Manasantha Nuvvu…’, written by Rama Jogayya Sastry has been composed as a wonderfully expressive melody. Karthik and Chinmayee sung it with delicacy and tenderness inviting us to sing along. Bobo Sashi made the song more interesting by adding the clap along guitar strings and drum beats in the middle and ends with mixed choirs.Thanks to Bobo for a wonderful start.
Bindaas  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Ranjith, MC Bullet, Coco Nanda
After the melodious number, this title track ‘Bindaas’ is foot-tapping and energetic dance number with Bhuvana Chandra’s catchy and trendy lyrics. The composer gave a western touch to the soundtrack with some stylish words like ‘Ekiyoma mamayiloke….’ in the middle. The potential vocals by Ranjith, MC Bullet and Coco Nanda with heavy beats holds interest till the end.
Entamma  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Karthik, Anuradha Sriram, Manchu Manojkumar
Ha ha! This soundtrack starts with some funny words uttered by Manchu Manoj Kumar, the hero of the film. ‘Entamma’ is yet another foot-tapping number sung by Karthik and Anuradha Sriram. Although this tune is very common in Telugu films, Bhuvana Chandra’s lyrics helped the composer to bring in some freshness to the soundtrack placing funny words in between. After listening to it completely I only felt it as a passable number but still the tune might make one sit and listen to it.
Suraangani  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry Singer: Jassie Gift
‘Suraangani…Surangani’ is originally a “Sinhalese Baila” adapted in Konkani language and later this ever popular number was brought by Ilayaraja in the form of rehashed and remixed version in Tamil for Kamal Hassan’s ‘Avar Enakke Sontham’. Now, Bobo Sashi made an attempt to remix the tune of this peppy and poppy number in Telugu. In this soundtrack, the vocals are stifled by dominant heavy instrumentation, but still create an interesting mood through some interesting changes throughout the soundtrack.
Jum Garagara  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry Singer: Shivam, RJ Suchitra
‘Jumgaragara’ is a fast masala number with rustic lyrics penned by Rama Jogayya Sastry. Shivam and Suchitra lent their voices for this loud and powerful soundtrack. It is sure to attract the front rows in cinema halls, but I honestly don't care.
Character of Ajay  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Santyan, Sam, Suni
‘Ajaygaadu o thingarodu’ has a pretty groovy introduction of the hero in style. Bhuvana Chandra’s lyrics are groundbreaking and the song is dominated by the vocalists’ voice which got a cool feeling. Their singing style is pretty good and the track flows by quickly only to create some energetic mood.
Spirit of Bindaas(Music: Gurucharan)  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Hemachandra
Yes! Hemachandra rendered his voice for this energetic title track composed by Guru Charan. It is a solo number involving the hero where he throws a challenge to his opponents. Again the youthful haunting lyrics by Bhuvana Chandra helped Guru Charan to make it into a fast paced rock number with the same kind of mood as the previous one.
Suraangani (Version-2)  Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry Singer: MC Bullet, Coco Nanda
Finally Bobo Sashi ends the album with the repeat version of the famous ‘Suraangani’. This version blend with English and Telugu lyrics is quite appealing than the first piece. The synchronization associated with this soundtrack is more expressive and lively with Mc Bullet and Coco Nanda’s energetic vocals in playful rendition. Really pretty in its own way!
After listening to the entire album, the innovative lyrics and the music smells youthful and energetic to me. The first song 'Girija...Girija' suits my taste and made me go for repeat listens. But otherwise,'Suraangani' will no doubt hit the chartbusters and the remaining ones too are trendy enough to bring in sheer pleasure to the youth.
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