Love Failure US Premiere Status
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Love Failure US Premiere Status

Added on February 16, 2012

We received Love Failure 35mm and digital prints in EWR, New Jersey airport and already shipped to respective locations. The following premiere shows were confirmed and please check with local exhibitors/distributor for any further updates.

Big cinemas, Edison, NJ (8:30pm)
Big Cinema, North Bergen, NJ (8:30pm)
World gate, VA (8:30pm)
Big Cinemas, Fremont, CA (8:30pm)
Phoenix Big Cinemas, Carona, CA (8:30pm)
Navrang Theater, Atlanta, GA (8:30pm)
Serra Theaters, CA (5pm, 8pm and 11:00pm)
Fun Asia, Richardson, Dallas, TX (8:30pm)
Galaxy Cinema, Cary, NC (9:00pm)
Screens at Continent, Columbus, OH (7:30pm)
Brook dale 8 Cinemas, Minneapolis, MN
Enjoy this romantic comedy entertainer on big screens and please stay away from piracy!
All shows $10 adults and $6 kids only
Press note issued by BlueSky Cinemas, Inc

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