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Added on July 22, 2012

The AP Film Chamber of Commerce located at Hyderabad is the Apex Body of the Telugu Film Industry and all Telugu Film Producers are members of the organization.

The APFCC has a dedicated Anti Video Piracy Cell whose function is to make dedicated efforts to protect the films of all Member Producers from the Menace of Piracy. As is know Movie Piracy in both physical formats (DVDs, VCDs) and online pirated versions, causes irreparable and humungous losses to the Film Producers. The Government of AP and the Telugu Film Industry are at fore front in stopping Piracy.

Now the Latest Telugu Feature Film ‘Eega ‘was released worldwide on the 6th Jul’2012. The Film is produced by M/s Varahi Chalana Chitram and is presented by Sri. D.Suresh Babu. As the Movie is a very high budget film and is releasing in multiple languages, and in view of the threat of Piracy, several precautionary measures were taken to protect it from Piracy.

It is known that Unauthorized Master Copy of the Film is the root cause of Piracy and is often generated through illegal camcording in a Cinema theatre.

Despite all the measures taken by The AVPC (Anti Video Piracy Cell), the Pirated DVD copies and illegal online versions of the feature film Eega have flooded the market within the first week inflicting serious losses to the Producer.

The Producers and the AVPC gathered the illegal copies from the video stores and also downloaded copies of the illegal online version of Eega and furnished them for forensic examination to the Digital Projection Technology providers Qube ( Real Image) having offices in Hyderabad and worldwide, to determine the source of the illegal master copy.

After carrying out the forensic watermark and other tests, the Qube (the Digital Projection Technology provider) have yesterday provided a report which shows that the Pirated Master Copy was made from a theatre (Gowri Shankar) in Varadayapalem - Chittoor Dist.

The report also certifies that the corresponding show in which the movie was illegally recorded, was screened on 7th Jul’2012, between 12.53.43 am – 4.42.45 am.

As such no screening of the film at the aforementioned time was officially documented by the said exhibitor or such detail submitted to the Producer’s/Distributor’s representative and the screening was done at an unusual time.

Together with the Forensic watermark report, it confirms that the Screening of the film was done for the specific purpose of making an illegal master copy of the film and wrongfully gains from it.

Evidently the screening could have been done with the active connivance of the owners/ management and the collaboration of the Projector operator and other employees.

This tantamount to Infringement of Copyright of the Producer, Cheating, Criminal Breach of Trust and also wrong full loss to the Producer and also an offense under Information Technology Act as the pirated copies have made it to the internet.


For purpose of records, a unique digital watermark is imprinted on each digital print by the Qube technologies to determine the origin of any Pirated copy ever made and help protect respective Producers. 



In view of the gravity of the crime and the magnitude of the losses suffered by the Producer, Industry and Exchequer of the Government  we request you to kindly initiate stringent action against the Owners/ management of the Cinema house. Further you are also requested to fully investigate the nexus of the said theatre with all the Pirates across the State and beyond as all the illegal copies available online or in physical formats are evidently made from this one single source.

For A.P Film Chamber of Commerce

Anti Video Piracy Cell

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