Sashidhar Ommkaram Laddu Telugu Short Film Review
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Laddu Short Film Review

September 9, 2099
Sri Devi Prasanna Movies
Ravi Varma Adduri, Sudheer Babu, Monica, Venky, Krishna, Ramu
Sunil Kashyap
Ommkaram Sashidhar
Ommkaram Sashidhar
Surya Prakash Josyula

Little joys of life become memories and these memories live with us all along. Laddu is a simple film with a massive message. A story that several people in are experiencing daily in their lives. Laddu is a short film directed by Sashidhar Ommkaram and touches upon several important things in life.

Janardhan is a retired person, who is addicted to sweets. The addiction is so much that he dreams of Laddus his favorite sweet. Sadly Janardhan is diabetic and is forbidden to eat sweet in any form. He stays with his son and daughter-in-law. This loving couple take care of him very well.

Janardhan loves sweets. He hopes that relatives come home and he gets to eat sweets. One day his daughter in law orders for a Laddus which is delivered home. Janardhan in overjoyed. Once his son and daughter-in-law leaves to office he hunts for the Laddu box. All in vain he does not find it. Finally he follows an ant which takes him to a pooja room , where one single piece of Laddu is offered as a prasad to god. His joy knows no bounds. Just when he is about to eat the Laddu, his daughter in law is back to collect the sweet box that she had forgotten.

Janardhan is still happy, as there is one single Laddu in the pooja room. When he is about to eat the Laddu a cricket ball comes crashing on the Laddu through the window. His only chance of eating the ladoo vanishes. Deepak a young lad comes to Janardhan in search of his ball and sees Janardhan’s state. He even tells him that he will inform Janardhan’s daughter in law about the incident. Next day Deepak comes with a box of Laddu to Janardhan’s house as it is his birthday, but he is forbidden to eat the Laddu. Deepak signals janardhan that he has kept a Laddu under the sofa. When the son and his wife leave to office, Janardhan gets a whole box of Laddu in his hand. He gets what he desire, but comes to know of two important facts that day....

Laddu makes you emotional. Surely diabetic people will relate to the turmoil that the protagonist is going through. Ravi Varma Adduri as Janardhan is amazing, he emotes well. The craving for Laddu, is expressed so very well. His body language is simply perfect. The actor has infused life into his role. Deepak the lad next door, who sees Janardhan’s turmoil has done a good act. Venky and Monica as the son and daughter in law, impress as caring children of a diabetic patient. Others lend adequate support.

Music of this short film has been scored by Sunil Kashyap and is suits the mood of the film. Cinematography by Yamesh P is neat. Omkaram Shashidhar has penned this story and he is also the director and producer of this film. Good direction and well written screenplay are the big assets of this film.

Overall Laddu is a feel good film with a nice message. Heart strings are tugged when we see Janardhan’s turmoil. Something novel...something nice...

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