Ram Gopal Varma caught between Bhoooo and Bhoot 2
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Bhoot haunts RGV, doesn’t leave him

Ram Gopal Verma seems to have won the battle ahead of war. We all knew ‘Bhoot’ by Ramu that was a success. He was keen to make ‘Bhoot 2’ but suddenly it landed on the laps of Vikram Bhatt. But obsessed with the title as well as the concept, Ramu went ahead and declared that he will be making another version of the sequel to ‘Bhoot’ as ‘Bhhoooo’ or ‘Bhoot Returns’ under Sunil Bohra’s production. Learning this, Vikram Bhatt has now decided to opt out of the film ‘Bhoot 2’. He is however concentrating on Karishma Kapoor’s return through ‘Dangerous Ishq’ and also he is planning for ‘Haunted 2’ as well as ‘Raaz 3’. Ultimately it appears that the horror masters who want to always horrify and jolt the audience in theaters have decided to call off their off screen adventures. Let’s hope that RGV who gave flops like ‘Phoonk 2’ and ‘Agyaat’ come out successful with ‘Bhoot 2’ atleast.