Vangaveeti Film by Dhavala Sathyam
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Vangaveeti Film by Dhavala Sathyam

Films based on real life stories became and continue to be successful. Especially, if the stories are of leaders or politicians, they will grab all eyeballs from their followers, fans and henchmen and will become big successes. ‘Chaitanya Ratham, nearly 28 years ago, is the perfect example. That film which chronicled the lives of Ranga and Radha went on to become a sensational hit, completing 100 days in 26 centres. Meanwhile, another biographical film based on the real life story of Vangaveeti Ranga is being made with the same director Dhavala Sathyam. Ranga Mitramandali as presenter, Manchala Sai Sudhakar Naidu is producing the film under MSR Creations banner.

On this occasion, director Dhavala Sathyam said, “’Chaitanya Ratham’ which chronicled the lives of Ranga and Radha and which was made under my direction nearly 28 years ago went on to become sensational hit. We all know that Ranaga became powerful leader who took the responsibility of after the brutal murder of Radha. We find courage, conflict, fearlessness and sacrifices in the life of Ranga. After the brutal murder of Andhra Robbin hood like Ranga, entire Andhra people grieved. We are making a film based on his real life story which is set in the backdrop of real incidents. Ranga garu’s fan and Ranga Mitramandali establisher Manchala Sai Sudhakar Naidu is producing this film prestigiously. We will announce the complete details of the film on January 28 in Vijayawada.”

Producer Manchala Sai Sudhakar Naidu said, “We have chosen Dhavala Sathyam garu who is not only very close to Vangaveeti Radha and Ranga but also made ‘Chaitanya Ratham’ based on the lives of Radha and Ranga, to direct this film too. One could say this film is like ‘Chaitanya Ratham-2’. Since the life of Ranga is an open book, the script is ready. Suitable screenplay and dialogues are also getting ready. We will announce cast and crew details soon. We are in the process of convincing a powerful star belonging to the same Vengaveeti social group. We wish our attempt will become big success.”

Interesting thing is that our sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has already announced a film titled ‘Vangaveeti’. Let us see which will be lapped by the audience.