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I developed a sense of positive attitude - Uday Kiran
Added on August 26, 2011
Lover boy Uday Kiran is going to turn 31 on June 26th. “I’m very happy now and I developed a sense of positive attitude. I’m going to announce a new film on my birthday”, he said. On this occasion he held a press meet and interacted with the media. Some excerpts are:

About his new film ‘Dil Kabaddi’: “My latest film ‘Dil Kabaddi’ is the romantic adventure. The theme of the film is one should not take love as a game. This is a complete entertainer which will be directed by a new director Sri, who earlier worked under director Samudra. Many notable stars will also be part of this film. Sunil Kashyap is providing the music.”

About his film career he said, “I did all good films right from ‘Chitram’ to ‘Gunde Jhallumandi’ but some could not achieve the results. I experienced good and bad in life. I knew a bit of action when I entered the film industry. Right from Teja’s ‘Chitram’ I learnt a lot from each film. I took every film as a challenge and did it. I earned the image of a good looking boy. But unfortunately due to lack of hits in recent past, I got into certain controversy also. It was only during that time I lacked self-confidence and I had no one to support me. Hence it took some time for me come out of that trauma. I wish I had someone to support me in selection of scripts and my daily routine. Now with a strong mind and maturity, I have taken a call not to think of the past and decided to ‘Be Positive’. These changes have occurred in me gradually. I learnt to be careful in every small thing in my 11 years of experience. I learnt to respect everyone. I used to okay a film by listening to a story for half-an-hour. But later would understand the result of it only after the film’s release. I understood the difference between story narration and direction. When my friends used to ask me why I chose to do the film, I would answer the story appeared interesting while listening to it. However, I only feel that no one can change the fate. Success or failure is not in our hands. Raj Kapoor said, “It’s not just the hard work but fate also played vital role for what I am.” These words have inspired me a lot. So I believe if there is hard work, luck will come knocking your doors. Hence one should do a lot of hard work with self-discipline. In this long gap I studied the career graphs of many other film stars. They used to wait for that ‘One Chance’ which is called ‘Luck’.”

Speaking about his character in the film, “I wish to do a bad boy character in a film. I already did one in ‘Sreeram’. I’m a very shy person, hence I choose to be alone. But people think that I’ve lot of head weight which I was not aware of.”

He concluded the chat saying, “Allari Naresh and Sarwanand are my friends among the heroes. I’m open for multi-starrer films provided good scripts are available. Some sense of deep satisfaction and energy flows in me whenever people come and share with me about their personal experiences referring to the incidences in ‘Mansanta Nuvve’. Some even say that they got married something similar to what was shown in the movie.”

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