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Love Failure is the modern version of Devdas = Amala Paul
Added on February 16, 2012
Pretty heroine Amala Paul, who entered the Telugu film industry through ‘Prema Khaidi’ (Maina in Tamil) and then was seen in ‘Naanna’ is presently doing ‘Bejawada’. Apart from this, her latest bilingual film is ‘Love Failure’ with Siddharth as her costar. This movie is set for release tomorrow. So as part of promotion of this film, Amala Paul shared about her working experience with ‘Love Failure’ team. Here are few excerpts:

About Love Failure‘Love Failure’ is the modern version of ‘Devdas’. While Devdas and Parvathy are lovers in ‘Devdas’, in this film we have changed Devdas into Arun. ‘Love Failure’ is a realistic movie, cute and funny. Anyone can relate this movie to themselves. Every scene in this film will remind you of either about your incident or your friend’s incident in life. There is huge expectation about this film. I’m really very happy about the way it has shaped up. I’m super thrilled about the film’s release because people started calling me Parvathy even before the film’s release. There is a huge response for the audio as well. The audience will cherish their college days if they watch this film. This is the first time in the film industry that there is a film on Love Failure.   So I hope this ‘Love Failure’ will be successful. 

 Regarding her character Parvathy:  I loved my role Parvathy from the bottom of my heart. She is a confused girl who doesn’t know what to do. She is short tempered and at the same time hyper active. After watching the trailers of ‘Love Failure’, many are sending tweets and messages stating that I’m looking notorious and the girl who troubles her boy-friend. (laughs) For the first time I’m playing the character which is suitable to my age. So it was very easy to portray this character. Altogether it was a different experience. It’s not mine but it was my friend’s experience, like their messes in love, break-ups, patches, etc. 
About Love:  We can’t define love. Love is a unique feeling.  There is no proper definition for love. ‘Love Failure’ is a fun filled film but there is something that will also make you think like beautiful family story, friendship story and the college life.  Love Failure belongs to a different genre. Basically when we see a love story, the film will be serious and the climax may be tragedy or something like that. But it’s not the same with ‘Love Failure’. We treated this film in a unique manner.  I’m sure that the audience is going to have super fun watching this film in theaters. 
About the elements in the film: There is neither a dream song nor an introduction song. There are no fights as well. ‘Love Failure’ is a film about the life of a college going boy and a girl. 
About Thaman and his music:  I’m a big fan of Thaman. He gave a very different genre of music in ‘Love Failure’. Thaman had reflected everything perfectly what the movie needs. The lyrics are simple too which all boys would say when they are in kind of ‘Love Failure’. Similarly ‘Inthajare Inthajare’ is a friendship song and ‘Heart Attack’ is also very cute song, that has become a big hit. The songs are light with simple lyrics, yet very youthful and energetic. I take this opportunity to thank Thaman for providing such a wonderful music.
About Siddharth’s vocal rendition: Siddharth is a very good singer. He already sang many songs in his previous films. He did a superb job in the song ‘Parvathy Parvathy’. He made the songs and scenes more natural with his singing. I couldn’t sing, because Thaman didn’t give me a chance. My favourite song is ‘Inthajare Inthajare’. 
About Siddharth as costar: Siddharth is the most energetic costar I’ve worked with. He is very supportive and encouraging costar.  My character in this film is very talkative. So when I felt little difficult to utter dialogues in Telugu, he tutored me. He is well known for his chocolate boy image. His energy level is tremendous. Once he enters the sets he spreads the charisma all over. I would love to do 100 movies with Siddharth because I felt very comfortable working with him, We could gel well in many aspects like working on the roles we played in the movie and how to improve our performance and many things like that. Everyone knows that he is a great actor and I, as an actor also got the chance to learn many things from him. 
Highlights: The highlight of the film is the concept and the story. The script has inspired me a lot to do this film from the day I heard the story till the end of shooting and it’s still haunting me. 
About the director: My director Balaji is 24 years old but he is super talented person. ‘Love Failure’ is based on the short film which he did two years ago. It was a huge success. So making a short film and executing into a movie is a difficult task. In that way he did an amazing job. I’m sure he’s going to rock after this film.   This is the fastest made film among all my films so far. The entire credit goes to Balaji and team. 
About producer Shashi:  I appreciate his confidence in taking up a very different genre of project and making a short film into a movie. He and Siddharth spent about an year in pre-production work. 
About her ambition in life:  My ambition is to set my identity as an actress in the film industry. I believe in my talent and I always want to experiment in new roles. I don’t want to get into stereo type kind of roles. I love my fans because they are giving a kind of energy. They are also expecting a lot from me, so I need to satisfy them. I will continue doing lot of interesting projects like this so that the audience will remember me even after 15-20 years of my career. 
She concluded saying, “My film ‘Prema Khaidi’ (Maina) served as a platform for me to step into the Telugu film industry. I got very good recognition through ‘Prema Khaidi’.  Without ‘Prema Khaidi’, all this wouldn’t have been possible. So I thank my director Prabhu Solomen sir for that.  After that film’s release, people started addressing me as Maina. So after that film, ‘Love Failure’ will bring me back to my golden times. It’s going to be very special in my career and I’ll cherish the memories of this film forever. This will be a milestone film in mine, Siddharth and Balaji’s career.”
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