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Sunil is apt for Bheemavaram Bullodu - Uday Shankar
Added on February 07, 2014
Set against the backdrop of Comedy, 'Bheemavaram Bullodu' stands in contrast to Uday Shankar's previous films. Starring Sunil in title role and Esther (1000 Abaddalu fame) as leading lady, 'Bheemavaram Bullodu' is a rib-tickling action comedy from an artist like Sunil, director Uday Shankar Nd producer D Suresh Babu. On the eve of the film's release on February 14, there was this director's interview with the media as part of promotion. Here are few excerpts...

Your film 'Bheemavaram Bullodu' was given U/A certificate.  What was the reaction of censor board members after watching the film?After watching the film, they commented that I directed a wonderful family entertainer.  There were no objections from their side except couple of cuts.  We are making efforts to release the film on February 14.   

Did the title demanded you to shoot the film in Bheemavaram? 
Actually as per the story demand, we have shot four to five scenes on Sunil in Bheemavaram.  The rest of the film was shot in Hyderabad.  
How is Sunil's character in this film?
Sunil played a character named Rambabau that leads a happy life in Bheemavaram.  One fine day he will be wrongly diagnosed with brain tumor and would be told by the doctor that his life is short.  In the process he goes to Hyderabad to serve the society and get attacked by some villains.  The rest of the story is how he escapes from them with love for life after learning that his medical reports are false.  
How different is this film from your previous films? 
If you have observed my earlier films, the hero is seen in special dimension of heroism.  Hence action was shown separately.  When it comes to this film, action is also in the form of comedy.  This is a commercial action comedy film under my direction.  
Did you approach anyone else before narrating it to Sunil? 
My initial plan was to do this film with Venkatesh garu.  But it did not materialize then due to few reasons.  After watching 'Poola Rangadu', I came to a conclusion that Sunil is apt for this story.  We started the project after Sunil gave his nod.  
Is there a scene that showcases Sunil in six packs? 
Sunil played a common man in this film.  This story did not required him in six packs.  
How did your work with Sunil work?  
Sunil involved himself into the character and did this film.  His involvement was amazing, be it in performance or dances.  He would go for a take only after discussing the scene with me and our dialogue writer.
Is this a straight film? 
Story is original but was written by the Tamil writer Kavi Kalidasu.  He is a good friend of mine.  He casually narrated this story to me long ago.  Recently when I asked him if I could direct it, he instantly gave it to me.  
What was Suresh Babu's contribution as a producer? 
Suresh Babu garu is in the film industry for quite long time.  According to me, hpe is a good technician than a producer.  He analyses the film deeply before taking the next step.  In line with that, he was more confident about this film than any of us.  
Have you had any plans to do Bollywood films? 
Akshay Kumar wanted to do this film in Hindi.  The project is currently under talks.  
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