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Added on July 18, 2005
Her introduction to Silverscreen with 'Manmadhudu',the London girlie 'Anshu' had aready stolen the hearts of audience.She became more adorable after her performance in 'Raghavendra'.Lets explore her conversation with 'Ragalahari'.

Do tell us about your family?

Including my dad,sister and brother,our family comprises of four members.My siblings are pursuing their studies.I'm the youngest of all and had just completed the high school education.

How did you fetch your first opportunity as heroine in 'Manmadhudu'?

My dad is pally to Cameraman Kabir Lal.He took my photographs on knowing my zeal to act, from my dad.It coincided with their hunt for heroine for 'Manmadhudu'.The photographs reached Vijaya bhaskar garu from him[Kabir lal garu].They arranged fares for us[Anshu and her dad] and the screen test was done for which they were convincd.I was taking my final exams then and could set free only after 2 months.Thatshow,i fetched it.

You had an intention and interest to bacome heroine from the beginning?!

Every young girl dreams to become a heroine and so am I.All young lads of this generation do aspire to be hero,heroines.In my view,acting is a serious affair.Everyone should wish to gain recognition for every minute aspect we invest our energies in.

None of your family members do have this film background...from whom did u drew this inspiration?!

My grandfather was a stage artist and also have a theater in Delhi.As a stage artist,he impressed with his distinquished roles.I performed some roles on stage.Thatshow,my interest evolved and also had some awareness of acting.

How was the encouragement from your family?

Encouraged me very well.I have an appearance of telugu girl rather than of London girl which became a plus point.

How did you felt on acting with Ngarjuna in your first movie itslef?

From the beginning,i was ignorant of his popularity.I saw one hindi movie of his.I know him only as a hero till I came to this industry.After the shooting advented,managers,assistants and other staff enquired about my feelings working with him and their praises for me of capturing a good chance.....after hearing to all these comments,I acknowledged what a big hero he is!!!

Felt nervous infront of the camera for the first time?!

I was little nervous in the beginning.Needed to take shots often as it was my first movie.I was conscious too.Nagarjuna garu is a cool person and very cooperative.I felt comfortable after 2 days.There was one scene in which he[Nagarjuna] applies polish to my toe nails.I was so nervous in that scene as he's a big hero.

About Vijaya bhaskar garu's direction?

He's an excellent director and a cool person.He doesn't do things in hurry.He cooly extracts the required potential from the artists for the concerned scene.Very comfortable acting in his direction.The team worked for this picture was good.I deeply liked telugu industry.

What was your first shot in 'Manmadhudu'?

I open the door and enquires Nagarjuna garu of whom he want to see when he arrives.That was my first shot.That was my first scene in the movie too.I liked my character in this movie.

How did you feel after watching 'Manmadhudu'?

When I went to a theater to watch it,everybody was glaring at me instead of the movie.I felt glad for they could recognise me with one movie.Picture was really awesome.

Tell us about your second movie 'Raghavendra'!!!

I extremely enjoyed 'Raghavendra' shooting.Each day was a fun day.Happy that I could work with 2 big directors in both my movies.When the direction of Vijaya bhaskar garu was cool,Suresh krishna garu's direction is serious.Both are excellent directors.Suresh Krishna garu explains dialogues with expression for every shot.He was very helpful and boosted some knowledge about the telugu industry.

How did you felt acting with Prabhas?

Felt so comfortable.This is 2nd film for both of us.As Nagarjuna garu was a senior ,I remained silent in 'Manmadhudu'shooting.As we both [Prabhas and me] are of same age, I was little free. His acting was good.

Yor embraced more sarees and half sarees in both your movies?!

Rather than a saree,I felt at ease wearing half saree as it is half.I did wore other costumes too but this [half saree] became a highlight.Everyone like the appearance of a rural girl.

Both your characters in the 2 movies die at the end?

I wouldn't allow my character to die in my next movie..okay?!!!

What do you do in your pastime?

I read books,chat with my friends.I spend more time in Gym.Sleeping is my favourite hobby.

Do you miss your family amidst this shootings?

My dad is along with me here.If I miss ,I would miss my siblings.I was nostalgic in the first film but later got habituated.

You had gala time with your friends?!

Communication gap formed between us now as the distance increased.But we have lots of fun in London.

Do you feel solitude anytime?

It happens certain times.It subsided as dad is here.

Your new commitments?

I haven't committed to anything.I'm listening to stories.

Your dream character?

Nothing as such.I would like to do variety of characters I acted with Nagarjuna garu and it earned me some reputation.I should do with such big artists like Chiranjeevi garu,Venkatesh garu,Balakrishna garu.....

Do you like to enroll a negative character?

I'm afraid I might get similar characters once I do such character .It'll be good to do one.That character should have negative shades but it shouldn't be a negative role in toto .

Your favourite hero ,heroines?

Amitabh bachan,Soundharya....I admired them in hindi picture 'suryavamsam'.

What costumes are dear to you?

For casual wear,I like loose and comfortable stuff.In movies,those of which are not so teriffic to look at.

What kind of pictures do you like?

Telugu audience show interest in movies filled with emotions and simplicity.I like to do such films.Both 'Manmadhudu' and 'Raghavendra' ,I acted in are good films.Everbody should enjoy it with a family without any hesitation.I like clean films.

What compliments and comments did you recieve after 2 hits?

I was the second heroine in my first film.When I got the offer,everyone frightened that the trend continues in later movies.I accepted that role without a second thought after listening to the story.I recieved lot of compliments that I had performed well.

Your date of birth?

January 31st.

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