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Anchor Suma Interview on Winner
Added on February 16, 2017
She sang for Anasuya in the upcoming film Winner. Suma's song has impressed the audience, she talks about how exciting this experience was...

How did you get into singing?
Anchoring has kept me busy always. It was Thaman who got me into this. He called me one day and asked me to sing. I thought he was not serious and the whole thing is a big joke. Thaman said that this is not a joke. Then I thought why not? Let me give it a shot. 
Were you aware that this song was for Anasuya? 
Not a clue about this. When I reached the studio in Chennai, Thaman told me that this was for Anasuya. All the more reason to sing. Once I was done with this, I called Anasuya and told her. She too was happy about this. does it feel?
I just went with the flow, following every instruction given by Thaman. I am sure it must have been a painful experience for Thaman. He asked to sing with proper tempo.  
Any reactions to your singing?
My daughter is extremely happy. She was impressed. I told SPB sir about this. He was surprised and very happy that I sang.  
Will your voice be a good match for Anasuya?
I myself am excited to see how this song has come out. She is superb. I am sure she must have danced well. Anasuya is a good friend, I have known her for long. We share very good equations and I hope this song comes out well for her. 
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