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D.Supriya, grand daughter of ANR and actor Sumanth’s sister
Added on January 20, 2008
From being the first third generation actor from the Akkineni household to reviving her father’s production house, D.Supriya, grand daughter of ANR and actor Sumanth’s sister, has come a long way from being a novice actress to a successful producer. In a chat with Ragalahari Supriya speaks of her first hit as a producer for S.S.Creations, Pourudu, among other things.

Q: What was the reason for reviving S.S.Creations?

A: It’s been 9 years since we made a film for S.S.Creations. Though we made films like Shiva and Gayam earlier, my father is not into active film production anymore. When Raj came to us with the script of Pourudu Sumanth was very excited about it. But at the same time he felt that the production values of films made by other producers would not do justice to the script nor would they complement his earlier films. That was when we decided to revive S.S.Creations and I became the producer. Annapurna Studios presented the film.

I am not saying that Pourudu is a great film, but it is a good commercial film. There was no wastage. During re recording Manisharma complimented saying it was a neat and well made movie in terms of production values. Pourudu has given me tremendous confidence.

Q: Do you think the film’s title was apt for its subject?

A: The film was named as Pourudu because its hero is a very good citizen. Had we named the film as Ajay, it would not have had the right impact. It would not have been interpreted the right way. Pourudu is a powerful title and helped us with a good opening. For people who probably thought this was a revolutionary kind of film the title must have sounded inapt.

Q: Did you release this film by yourself?

A: Yes. Through Suresh Distributors. If I could afford it I would like to release all our films. Feels nice to have a part in the end result. This way our responsibility does not end with the film’s release.

Q: So how did Pourudu fare?

A: Pourudu was released with 86 prints and has grossed 1 crore in just 4 days. Thanks to the festive season it is doing tremendously well in the B and C centers. Pourudu was made on a modest budget with good production values. I am satisfied with its commercial outcome.

Q: How does it feel being a producer?

A: Initially when I started off as an executive producer I thought it was very easy. I was a novice and did not know how much hard work it is. But soon I learnt that there is a lot more involved in film making than meets the eye. My grandfather ANR and uncle Nagarjuna helped me out and taught me the nuances of film making.

Q: Annapurna Studios has always been very encouraging to new talent.

A: Yes. My uncle Nagarjuna has immense respect for the technicians and never interferes in their work. Annapurna Studios and S.S.Creations have never made bad films. We did have our flops but never a bad film.

Q: Do you think Sumanth is not getting his due as an actor?

A: Sumanth has a lot of versatility in him and is very much under used. He tries to balance the kind of roles that he gets and looks for variety. That is why even though Gowri was a hit he did not choose to become a mass hero. Instead he opted to do films like Godavari and Madhumasam. There is not much variety in the kind of scripts that are offered now days.

Q: What about Naga Chaitanya? When is he making the debut?

A: He is too young right now and is enjoying life at the moment. There is a lot to learn and he will take his time. When the right script comes across we will launch him.

Q: What are your next projects?

A: We are presently hunting for new scripts. I am open to producing films with other heroes if the script requires it.

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