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RRKK Prints Status in Overseas


Dil Raju’s Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (RRKK) has been censored and got U/A certificate with good comments/report. All overseas prints were dispatched from India and US prints will be reaching JFK at 2:15EST on Tuesday, May 11th via Emirates airlines. Premiere shows will be opened in Big Cinemas, Edison, NJ and Delaware. For all other locations, check with your local exhibitors. Shows from Thursday, May 12th will be screened as per schedule. Get ready to enjoy this full length comedy entertainer which is expected to be like another Ready for Ram.

Online piracy will be protected by Central Eye and they will be continuously monitoring pirated versions and fighting against them. Please report any piracy links to [email protected] and we will try to remove them with in 24hrs.

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Press Note by BlueSky Cinemas, Inc


Updated on May 11, 2010