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Ragada Print status & Premiere shows


Great India Films is happy to announce that all 35 mm prints of RAGADA have been dispatched from India. Sudhakar is flying personally to make sure all prints will arrive on time and be dispatched immediately to all respective locations from East Coast on 12/23 Thursday early morning for the premiere shows.
Hence, we are sure that premiere shows will be ON in several locations. However, we do request all patrons to check with local exhibitors in case of any flight delays.
Also, we would like to remind you that there is NO additional charge for premiere shows as a gratitude of token for all movie lovers who plunge to theaters with out waiting for reviews and pirated links. We are also introducing bargain matinees at select locations just like American theaters. We request you to make use of this opportunity.
For Select locations from 12/24 all shows before 6 pm are $10 for adults and shows after 6:00 PM are $12 only.
Note about Piracy control:
We are working with [email protected] to control the piracy of RAGADA. We request everyone not to encourage piracy and report any pirated links/websites to [email protected]. We are working with Kamakshi Films, Maatv and Nag Fans to control the piracy and severe action will be taken on the websites and people responsible for spreading the piracy.
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Great India Films LLC
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Soma -916-496-1921; Sudha -908-787-2933

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Updated on December 22, 2010