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Camp at Oasis Fertility, Dilsukhnagar, from 8th to 15th August!


 Hyderabad, 6th August 2020: Oasis Fertility, Dilsukhnagar centre, is hosting a ‘Free Virtual Infertility Screening Camp’ as part of its 5th anniversary celebration and to commemorate India’s Independence Day, from August 8th to 15th, 2020. As part of this, patients will be screened online and only those needing personalized counselling and care will be advised to visit the Centre. All such patients visiting the Center will be treated as per the safety protocols set under ICMR guideline. Patients wanting to avail the services of the free camp may register by calling 7337328877.

The prevailing COVID 19 conditions have led to a serious dilemma for the patients needing infertility care, says Dr Sreevani, Clinical Lead and Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Dilsukhnagar. The patients are apprehensive to venture out and visit hospital for seeking Doctor’s consultation. On the other hand, the prospective parents are fast running out of time in their attempt to have a child. The window of opportunity for becoming parents diminishes significantly as the couple cross the age of 30, the chances of a female patient getting pregnant declines by 0.3% every month and the deterioration is a steep 2% with a delay of 6 months. Considering the patients’ discomfort to visit hospital, Oasis Fertility is conducting Free Virtual Infertility Screening Camp to help them to loose no further time due to COVID 19, she adds.

Infertility is a serious health issue worldwide, affecting approximately 8% to 10% of couples worldwide. Out of 80 to 100 million couples suffering from infertility every year worldwide, probably between 25 and 28 million (25%) are in India alone. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every four couples in developing countries is affected by infertility. The magnitude of the problem calls for urgent action, particularly when the majority of cases of infertility is avoidable.

About Oasis Fertility
Oasis Fertility, a unit of the Sadguru Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., has redefined reproductive care in India by bringing in internationally recognized best practices and protocols in Fertility treatments. It offers patient-friendly ‘one-stop’ day care clinics, where consultations, investigations and treatment are all conducted under one roof. Since its inception in 2009, Oasis has gained an excellent reputation for its high success rates driven by its high-quality services led by a team of highly experienced infertility specialists with international experience. The chain has expanded to 12 centres across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, Jharkhand and Maharashtra.

Updated on August 6, 2020