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Tollywood Rewind - 12 Flops of 2012

No doubt, the year, 2012 is very much memorable to Telugu Film Industry for the movies, which taste the dust at the Box-office, in spite of all the hype and hooplah! The routine story lines and the 'very-over Budgets' are the main reasons for this debacle of the films. The Big Heroes, their strong base of fans and their wider range too became helpless in drawing the crowds to the Theatres, which taught a lesson or two to the Heroes and to the Tollywood alike. As the proverb goes, “Every success goes into head and every failure takes to ground”, it is the big time on part of the Heroes and Producers to rethink of their failures and retrospect on their story plots, budgets and their market ranges.

 The TOP 12 FLOPS of 2012 are:


REBEL : This long-awaited Prabhas starrer bit the dust in spite of its stunning action sequences. Its made with high budget, which failed to get the returns at the box-office and deliberately thrown itself into huge losses. Even the glamour of Tamanna and the spine-chilling fights of Prabhas couldn’t help in leading the movie further, and inevitably became a dud.

DHAMARUKAM : This Nagarjuna- Anushka combi-film is over burdened with high budgets and even released with losses. This graphical Socio-fantasy on the lines of Paatala Bhairavi, failed in pulling the audience, even though it got all the elements to become a hit movie.

DAMMU : The NTR-Boyapati Sreenu combination failed to make any impact at Box-office. The chemistry of NTR- Trisha- Karthika too not got the attention of the fans too. The action-filled-sentiment movie didn’t appeal to the audience.

NIPPU : This movie is much touted to be the combination of two top directors- Gunashekhar as the Director and YVS Chowdary as the Producer. The guarantee Hero Raviteja’s magic didn’t work and declared it as a flop.

BODYGUARD : This is a remake’s remake from Malayalam to Hindi to Tollywood! In both the languages it is a super success. But the fate had turned in Telugu and bombed without trace. The combo of Venkatesh- Trisha attracted the family audience to some extent. But the missing charm of Trisha and fading craze of Venkatesh didn’t work with the other sections, especially, youth audience.

CAMERAMAN GANGATHO RAMBABU : This is the most controversial movie of the year, which resurfaced the debate to CINEMA vs SENTIMENT! The big combination of Puri Jagan - Pawan Kalyan - Tamanna couldn’t surpass the popular objection from Telangana and became an instance in the history of Tollywood. The weak story, derogatory characterization and biased outlook towards the social issues are the main reasons for the failure of the movie. The movie’s debacle had again taught a lesson to the industry that, a theme with contemporary social-issue should need well-designed research, which is distinctly lacking in the movie.


DARUVU : This socio-fantasy flick of Raviteja with Yamadharma Raju loaded with fun and comic moments. But somehow, didn’t yield the expected results and doomed!

ENDUKANTE PREMANTA : The film is directed by the Love-Specialist of Tollywood, Karunakaran with a charming pair of Ram - Tamanna. However, the story and narration didn’t gone into the eyes of the viewers, especially the idea of the spirit of a girl fallen in coma, interacting with the hero!

SRIMANAARAYANA : The Balakrishna starrer is based on the adventures of a TV Journalist, portraying him for the first time in the role. The not-so-convincing story and weak taking made it to drown in failure.

DEVUDU CHESINA MANUSHULU : The film is fully loaded with Puri Jagan’s vision, Raviteja’s tapori action and Ileana’s curvy attraction. But bombed at the box office without any mark! However, the screenplay and narrative style of the movie became an experiment in Tollywood, on the lines of Tamil film, 12-B, and Hollywood’s The Groundhog Day!

ADHINAYAKUDU : The triple-role venture of Balakrishna, had swallowed the story mercilessly and became only as the ‘get-up extravaganza’! Naturally, sank without any impression.

SAAROCHCHAARU : Again a Raviteja flick. Inspite of very good dialogues, beautiful Kajal and under-played Raviteja, the movie gone away. Thus the year 2012 concluded, Raviteja as the hero with highest flops of the year!

by Mamidi Harikrishna (harikrishnam at