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Tollywood Rewind - 12 Different Movies of 2012

The Tollywood, in general, is famous for its entertaining stories on formula and masala themes with commercial equations! Every time, from producers to the Directors and Heroes emphasize that, commercial success is most important than that of any awards or rewards! However, there are certain film makers in Tollywood, who see the film making beyond entertainment and have tried their mettle to create movies with different tone and theme in controlled-budgets or low-budgets. The year 2012 too had witnessed some of the soul-filling, heart-touching and mind-satiating films. The movies not only exhibited the human elements with its characters, stories and scenes, but also gave a message to think of, even after leaving the cinema halls. These movies could able to succeed in provoking the positive thoughts on the latest happenings in and around us with all the aesthetics and sensitivity. The commonality of these movies is following the principle of reality in natural set-up, irrespective of the subject, i.e., love, romance, social issue. The commercial parameters may not, necessarily, be applicable to these movies, as they have been made with sincere efforts and commitment. However, they are the winners in cinematic aesthetics and grammar.



KRISHNAM VANDE JAGADGURUM : The creative director with commitment, Jagarlamoodi Radhakrishna had successfully made the movie with tri-partite theme- the vanishing traditional art form of surabhi theatre, Mining Mafia and Environmental sustainability. Rana’s portrayal as B Tech Babu is proved the other side of the actor and Nayantara’s return after Sri Rama Rajyam, is appreciable.

MIDHUNAM : This Amma- Naanna Prema Katha, is truly live its life with the sensible and funny acts of estranged Old couple in a tiny village. Every frame of the film, fills the very essence of Telugu cultural roots and lifestyle and hails the man-woman relationship into another high level. SP Balu and Lakshmi on the screen and Tanikella, off-the-screen is really an example of a good cinema of a heart-touching experience!

ONAMAALU : This is the vision of first time Director, Kranthi Madhav, where the transformation of our villages and the encroachment of Modernity over our homes, is discussed deliberately in a picturesque detail. The devastation of rural culture and the human relations is the main concern of the theme and make us to think of the issue to resurrect the villages! Rajendraprasad gave another extraordinary performance as a retired school teacher of Gandhian thoughts in the movie!

RUSHI : The movie revolves around the relationship of the doctors and the patients in a very soul-touching manner! The movie is the production of the prestigious Prasad Productions, which made a movie after a long gap. Aravind Krishna as the protagonist lived his role and the story come out with all accolades!

DHONI : This is the take of versatile genius, Prakashraj as the director-producer-actor, on the present education system! The movie highlights the bondage of father and son with all the sensibilities, duly touching the oppressive modes of our education, where the child’s interests are totally ignored. This thought-provoking movie shed a new light on the attitudes and aspirations of parents and teachers towards their pupils!

AVUNU : This is a classy horror of Ravibabu with Poorna in the lead! The gripping screenplay and narration is mention-worthy. The theme revolves around a spirit’s harassment on a young, newly-wed lady, who came to settle in a new gated community locale.

LOVE FAILURE : This is a very contemporary take on the urban metro youth towards love and marital life! The story attracted the Hero, Sidharth himself and turned him as the Producer! The character and the performance of Amala Paul is very realistic and akin to an educated urban young girl, which got identification by many young ladies in real life.

YETO VELLIPOYINDI MANASU : The sensitive love story of Gautam Menon with the acting talents of Nani and Samantha. The love story spans a period of 20 years, starting from the 8 years of age of the Hero to 28! The likes, dislikes, breaks-up, reunion of childhood friends and their view of life in due course of time, is presented in a natural style with all the heart-touching scenes! 

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL : This is Shekar Kammula’s revisit to Happy Days in a different set-up, blended with mother Sentiment! The movie revolves around the 3 young couples in their life journey in the beautiful locales of an urban colony and their life ambitions! The Heroine of yester years, Amala played a key-role after a long gap!

LOVELY : This is a story of a young couple, whose accidental meeting turns to a sweet relationship! The movie rightly made use of the contemporary trend of facebook friendship and added all the commercial elements to it. Hero Aadhi’s performance and Director Jaya’s perception are the assets to the movie!

ANDAALA RAAKSHASI : This is a debut venture of new bees in Tollywood, like Hanu Raghavapudi as the director, Rahul, Naveen and Lavanya as the actors. The film is an out and out outcome of Maniratnam’s influence and can be described as the tribute to Geetanjali film! This film got great hype as it is produced by none other than,SS Rajamouli!

ROUTINE LOVE STORY : This is an urban multiplex movie of a relationship of a young boy and girl and their funny quarrels and nasty loves. Though it says routine, but presents everything in a different light! Praveen Sattaru’s direction with the roles of Sandeep Kishan and Regina are definitely not routine!

by Mamidi Harikrishna (harikrishnam at