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2012 Tollywood Controversies

The Year 2012 is no doubt, a time of celebration due to its success galore. At the same time, Tollywood made into headlines for certain wrong reasons too. The filmdom saw great controversies and conflicts with the movies it produced and with the film makers it relates to!

The controversies on Movies:

The constitution of India, through its Article 19, gave all its citizens, the freedom of expression of thought. And the creative art forms like Cinema taken more freedom in many cases, on the plea of Creative Liberty or Cinematic Liberty. So, the film makers nowadays, are intruding into the zones of sentiments of the public in the name of entertainment. It is ok with the entertainment for the sake of entertainment. But cannot welcome the same if it plays the foul fun and ridicule the emotional feelings of any class or section of the people.

The movies released in 2012,Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, Denikaina Ready, Woman in Brammanism have created the controversy and got the objections from the people. Its true that, this is the first time a section of people are expressed openly and made a movement against the movies which they don't like,showing they are derogatory to the regional and communal sentiments of them.

These controversies have given both the results to Tollywood! Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu was doomed, while Denikaina Ready gained at the Box office and Woman in Brammanism is not even find the distributors for its release!

The reason for this public uprising is that, the film makers are not making any research work on the stories they are producing. They are least bothered about the hidden issues related to the sentiments of the people and churning out them as per their own whims and fancies. For that matter, every film of the Tollywood is creating its own world which we cant see in reality and made us to believe. A game of complete deception is going on since decades in the name of entertainment and drama. These unnatural and unreal tendencies on the screen should be curtailed at one or the other point.

Lessons to be learnt:

These uprisings got a great welcome from all sections of people and even turned to massive destruction in certain cases. These social incidents of the year, have posed certain questions of self-introspection in the minds of Tollywood film makers, while they are making movies. It proved again that, the film makers of Tollywood have neither self-discipline nor a regulation over their creations on screen. Censor Board is there, but it is in the clutches of the powerful Film Industry. So, There must be some check over the activities of the films and on their content. The controversies of 2012 is one way of expressing the dissent of the people over the attitudes and aesthetics of the Tollywood.

It is need of the hour to the Film makers too, to understand the anguish and agony of the people in right note and should broaden their outlook.

The Year 2012 has proved again that, we have the freedom to create any sort of film, but not at the cost of the sentiments of the people!

The controversies with the film makers:

Again in 2012, a rift has established between the Producers and Directors! Director Puri Jagannath has filed compliant against the producers of Devudu Chesina Manushulu and later on settled. The conflict arisen between the Producers of "REBEL" with its director, Lawrence Raghavendra, has created a new buzz and trend in the history of Indian Film Industry! The producers accused the director for the over budget and caused for losses! Further, they approached Producers' council and issue was settled with a penalty of paying Rs.2.5 crores by Director to the Producers!

by Mamidi Harikrishna (harikrishnam at