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Samantha content with her summer releases

Samantha must be one happy woman in Tollywood this summer. Why not? She has four films of which two have already released and is faring pretty well. Theri was a mass oriented film and 24 was sci-fi, both the films have done well. Brahmotsavam and A Aa are yet to test their luck, but Samantha is pretty confident that these two will also do well.

Samantha says that with Theri she was pretty confident that the film will be a hit as it was mass oriented. But she did not share similar feelings for 24. This film has to connect with the audiences and only then will it work. But now she is glad that everything went well and 24 has done extremely well.

She has been criticized that she has not much to do in these films. Samantha does not think much about this criticism. She says that she is happy to be a part of these films. As Long as heroine has a role to play Samantha is game. Samantha opts to play a character only when she is convinced about its importance to the film.

In Brahmotsavam though she shares space with two other heroines she says that her character is a meaty one. In Nithiin starrer A Aa she has tried her hands on comedy. Contrary to what all think, A Aa is not a women-centric film, she informed.

Past eight months have been hectic for her. So maddening was the work that at times she would break down when she was alone. It has been 12 hours of work daily without a single day break. The overall experience has been exhausting for the actress. All that hardwork is paying of now with the films doing good. Samantha says that two-three days before the release she has sleepless nights.

There has been news that Samantha will be producing a remake of a Kannada film U-turn. The actress is quick to rubbish these rumours. She says that she has no such plans, but would surely want to act in it if anyone remakes it in Telugu and Tamil with the same director.

Samantha has decided to take a break from films for now. Post summer she wants to spend time with her family, friends and someone new in her life. Yes you read it right! The pretty actress is not single anymore. She has someone in her life. But for now she wants to keep it a secret and we leave it at that.

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