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Nag to decide about Akhil’s next film soon

A lot has been said and written about director Vamsi and actor Akhil Akkineni. Initially it was said that the actor would work with the director in a Bollywood remake. Later came the news that the director had refused as he had just finished a remake for the actor’s father Nagarjuna and did not want to be labeled as a remake director. Then Akhil gave a clarification on his Twitter handle about him working with Vamsi, but whether the film will be a remake was not confirmed by him. 
In the entire issue Nag has not spoken a word. Though Nag has given his son all the freedom to talk to directors and listen to scripts the final call will be taken by him. A reliable source said that Nag was not keen on Akhil doing a heavy movie like ‘Akhil - The Power of Jua’ as his debut movie. But Akhil was adamant and went ahead with his father’s consent. The movie did not help Akhil at all.

Now the sonny boy is careful. He wants to put his dad’s 30 years of experience in the industry to full use. Though Vamsi has refused to remake the Bollywood film, the final call will be taken once he is back from his personal trip to the US. Nagarjuna will decide on Akhil’s next film very soon.