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Interview of Bhavani Shankar about 'Climax'


Bhavani Shankar-directed 'Climax', starring Rajendra Prasad in the lead, will release in theatres on March 5.In this interview, the filmmaker talks about the film, working with Nata Kireeti, the kind of film that 'Climax' is and more.

The title of the movie is 'Climax' because the suspense gets revealed only in the climax. It's a murder mystery wherein characters played by Rajendra Prasad garu, Sasha Singh, Sri Reddy and Prudhvi are at the centre. This movie is an experiment. There are tense moments but the scenes are hardly gruesome. We have got UA certificate from the CBFC.

Rajendra Prasad garu's name is Vijay Modi. Had it not been for this name, the impact wouldn't have been strong. 'Modi' has got a special ring, something which gets revealed in the climax. Narendra Modi is not the only Modi we have. There are many other Modis, such as Lalith Modi. The original plan was to go with the name Rajendra Modi. Also to clarify that the film has nothing to do with Vijay Mallya

'Climax' is also a political satire at one level. The story is of a multi-millionaire who doesn't stay at home with his family. He lives at a star hotel in a suite, where Rs 500 crore is stashed. What happens when he dies all of a sudden will be interesting to watch.

Political satires are serious in nature. The audience wouldn't want to watch the genre just like that. In 'Climax', I have infused the genre as one of the elements.

'Climax' was not written with Rajendra Prasad garu in mind. It's not a tailor-made script for him. Sri Reddy has played a small but interesting role. I know there are controversies surrounding her. She has played an actress in the film. Prudhvi garu will be seen as a 'diksoochi' for the male lead.

With people getting used to Netflix and Amazon Prime, the attention span of the audience has come down drastically. Therefore, 'Climax' is not a lengthy film. It is crisp and gets wrapped up fast. A lot of thought went into each shot and dialogue in the movie.

We haven't watched many love stories from Hollywood after 'Titanic'. In India, there is hardly a film without the concept of romance. It takes effort to be experimental.

I am aware that 13 other movies are coming out this week. But we have no other option. It has been too late already. We are yet to clinch an OTT offer. In June last, we had an offer from Netflix for 'Climax'. But work was pending at that time.

Updated on March 3, 2021