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Interview of Laxman Meneni about 'MAD'


'MAD' is all set to be released in theatres on August 6. Starring Rajath Raghav, Madhav Chilkuri, Spandana Palli and Sweeta Varma, the film is a relationship drama.In this interview, director Laxman Meneni talks about the subject of his movie, what made him want to become a director and more.

The title stands for 'Marriage And Divorce'. I have studied divorces and decided to make a movie revolving around the phenomenon of divorce.

I own an IT-enabled Services company, which I started in 2002 after working in the IT field for 10 years. It has been my dream to make films. My friends came together and invested in the project. I have no prior experience of making movies. 'MAD' is my first attempt. Even the cinematographer and others are newcomers. We wanted to make a humble film. But once editor Marthand K Venkatesh gave us positive feedback after the first rushes, we scaled up.

A lot of seniors have also worked on the project. 'MAD' is a musical film and the songs drive the story forward.

The new generation has no time for relationships. It takes them only small reasons to get separated. The USP of 'MAD' is that it brings out real issues to the fore. There was a time when dosti was all about meeting people in person. Today, it's all virtual. There was a time when we had just a handful of friends. Today, on Facebook, people have hundreds of so-called friends. I know a couple who got separated a year after their wedding was held at a cost of Rs 2-3 Cr. It's very sad.

Our film urges people to give time to every relationship. Sort out the differences and don't take it to the extreme. 'MAD' is a story between friends. There are two male friends, who come from two different backgrounds. There are two girls, who enter into a relationship with the males.

Spandana Palli, who was Miss India 2018, and Swetha Varma have played the heroines. Rajath Raghav, one of the heroes, was seen in 'Srivalli' before.

By the end of 'MAD', probably at least one couple facing differences should think about giving each other a chance. The dialogues are simple.  

Updated on July 31, 2021