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Atithi Devobhava will become Aadi Saikumar's career-best movie: Producers Rajababu Miryala and Ashok Reddy Miryala


'Atithi Devobhava', starring Aadi Sai Kumar in the lead, will be released in theatres on January 7. Rajababu Miryala and Ashok Reddy Miryala have produced it on Srinivasa Cine Creations. In this interview, they talk about the premise of the film, the talent of director Polimera Nageshwar, working with Aadi and actress Nuveshka, and more. The film features Rohini, comedians Saptagiri, Gundu Sudarshan and Raghu Karamanchi, among others. Rajababu and Ashok have been passionate about movies since childhood. As children, they would watch a movie and narrate the stories with enthusiasm at home. Their parents were sure that they would someday get into movies. Today, they are producers. Their brother, Ravinder Reddy Miryala, recently scored a blockbuster with Nandamuri Balakrishna's 'Akhanda'.

Although the third wave is upon us, we are releasing 'Atithi Devobhava' this week because we are confident in its content. The ingredients will attract not just youths but also the family audience. And we are confident that the film will be known as the career-best one from Aadi.

The film's story is by Venugopal, while the screenplay has been written by me (Ashok Reddy) with his sister-in-law. The dialogues were also written by me. I have worked as a lecturer in the pat and the experience came in handy.

The first half of 'Atithi Devobhava' is rich in romantic elements. In the second half, the genre shifts to thriller mode. But it's not a horror movie.

My brother Rajababu has been a businessman. Ravinder, the other brother, has produced the blockbuster movie 'Akhanda'. It's my dream to wield the megaphone for a movie in the future.

Sekhar Chandra's music will be a highlight. Our movie received UA certification today. The CBFC board members lauded our efforts.

The original plan was to release the movie in November last. We then postponed the release to January 26. But since 'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' got postponed from January 7, we preponed the release.

When the story was ready, we felt that a newcomer should headline the project. We later had a change in plan and roped in an experienced actor like Aadi. His scenes with Nuveksha will surely stand out.

In spite of the fact that we are new producers, we are receiving encouragement in terms of getting theatres. We had planned to mount a big-ticket movie first. But since we are new, we have produced a small-scale movie.

Senior actress Rohini garu has got a sentimental role. Saptagiri's character will evoke more laughs than it did in 'Prema Katha Chitram'.

Business and movie-making are two different ball games. The latter involves working with too many people. So far, our experience has been very positive.

Updated on January 3, 2022