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Journey 30 Days Function

‘Journey’ starring Sharwanand, Ananya, Jai and Anjali which was directed by Saravanan and produced by Suresh Kondeti under S K Pictures banner and jointly released on Studio N and 3K Entertainment banners a month ago. On the occasion of successfully completing 30 days of screening, the unit celebrated the success grandly by cutting the cake weighing 30 kgs on the Sankranti day at Geetha Multiplex in Bheemavaram.

Later while speaking Suresh Kondeti said, “In general any small film will be screened for 1 or 2 weeks in Multiplexes. But our film ‘Journey’ was screened with houseful collections for 4 weeks continuously at Geeta Multiplex in Bheemavaram. Hence we organised the celebrations only here. The standard of Geeta Multiplex in Bheemavaram is on par with Hyderabad Multiplexes. I thank the entire audience across Andhra Pradesh for watching and making the film a big hit despite many film releases later.”

Bheemavaram MLA Pulaparthy Ramanjaneyulu said, “Journey showcased excellently how the speed in life journey is dangerous. ‘Journey’ is the apt film for the youth.”

Producer Ambica Krishna said, “Journey was made in Tamil with a budget of Rs 4 crores and collected Rs 40 crores. I saw this film along with my family members in Hyderabad. We all liked it a lot. This film was made with an excellent screenplay. The audience was thrilled to find out in the first scene what the director wanted to convey to them through this film. After ‘Shopping Mall’, Anjali performance is wonderful in this film. Her character in the film will attract everyone. This movie will definitely run for 100 days with houseful collections.”

Gazal Srinivas said, “This movie conveyed that life is a journey. ‘Journey’ is a great film like ‘Titanic’ which everyone should watch. If anyone will miss watching this film, it means they will be loosing a lot in their life.”

Thadepalligudem MLA Eeli Nani also commented stating the film gave the message to the youth that they should not drive vehicles speedily.

Others who participated in this function is actor Ramachandra Rao, ‘Telugammayi’ producer Vanapalli Baburao, producer Thummalapalli Satyanarayana, theater manager Ramakrishna, Ramakrishnam Raju, Dhatla, Chinna Babu, Gannathula Nageswara Rao, etc.
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