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'Billa' gave my fans a good value and next it is 'Darling' that is entertaining them - Prabhas


Prabhas, who got introduced to Tollywood through ‘Eeshwar’, shot to fame through ‘Varsham’, followed by ‘Chatrapathi’, but later had to reconcile with a few flops. He finally realized that his action oriented approach had to change to exhibit a multi-skill hero. Thus his search ended with a script from Karunakaran which had a different climax with sister sentiment. He has now put in efforts to exhibit his other skills than action and the result is ‘Darling’, a comedy filled romantic entertainer. Post success of ‘Darling’, Prabhas found some time to share his moments with the press. Here are a few excerpts:

What is your reaction to the success of ‘Darling’?

Great!  Actually at the time of films release’ I was in Mumbai on some other work.  But then I enjoyed the film along with the audience in theaters at Hyderabad after I returned from my trip.  It’s amazing experience when the audience were clapping for the interval scenes and the 2nd half of the film.  The climax scenes in ‘Darling’ are more impressive compared to the ones in my earlier films.  

So this is the second success in combination with the producer BVSN Prasad.  You must be very jubilant about that.

Yes! I’m very happy.  We became close associates right from the time of ‘Chatrapathi’.  For me he is more than just a producer.  He attaches high values for productions and doesn’t resent approving quality decisions.  That is the real secret behind such success.

What inspired you to do this film?
I personally felt that action elements are given more preference than others in my films. I wanted to change this image so I decided to do a complete romantic entertainer.  The interval block is very innovative and the 2nd half is also pretty interesting.  I personally enjoyed every bit of scene right from interval to the climax.
In ‘Darling’, the entertainment looks to be dominating than any other aspect? Is there a reason?
So far I’ve done only action oriented films and after ‘Bujjigadu’, I wanted to change the track.  And thus I chose a movie containing all necessary entertaining elements like love, family and sentiment.
The costumes don’t resemble the usual outfit seen in movies.  Any specific reasons?
It varies with the tastes of different people.  It’s quite natural and I’ve received mixed responses with some appreciating it and others terming it as bit loose. But I feel the intension is to show something different.
How is the response from your fans?
‘Billa’ gave them a good value and next it is ‘Darling’ that is entertaining them to the greatest extent. I’m very happy about it.

What has contributed to the success of the film in your opinion?

Most of my earlier films had the 2nd half did not reach the audience properly.  The director understood that and accordingly modified to introduce a very different screenplay which has now caught the pulse of the audience.  The sister sentiment in this movie is a special attraction among the audience.  Infact, there were butterflies in our stomachs during the interval, for the real reaction was noticed only after the interval.  And from there on there was no stopping.
What is your opinion on Kajal?
She is an energetic and very intelligent actress.  I’m so impressed and am sure to give a good performance with her in my next movie also.  Dil Raju is producing that film and Dasarath is the director.
What is your opinion about working with Tamil actor Prabhu?
One would find that Prabhu is not different even in real life compared to the character he played in this movie.  Infact, he loves to be among people.  I personally enjoyed our association as father and son in the film.  It is really a fun to watch a combination of round physic with a tall one.  His acting experience helped me to fine tune my skills.  

How did Krishnam Raju react for your performance in this film?
He was so excited on seeing my performance and reacted very sharply as well as positively with a comment that, ‘Iraga theesaav Ra’.  

How much did the music contribute to the success of the film?
Had the music been released two weeks earlier prior to its launching date, it would have become even more popular.  Because my personal opinion is that even before the songs became familiar among the public the film got released.  But still Prakash earned a very good name comparing him with his uncle AR Rahman.  

It is generally heard in the circle that you are willing to take a lesser remuneration to do films. Why?

Look, I’m part of film industry and will abide by anything that favors the industry.  As of now due to different problems all are putting in efforts to reduce the production costs and if that means taking lesser remuneration, I would certainly abide by what others in the industry resort to.

Can you give us some idea about your forth-coming projects?
My immediate next film is in Dil Raju-Dasarath combination.  This apart I am also going to do a film under f SS Rajamouli’s direction and K Raghavendra Rao’s production.  

Updated on May 10, 2010