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I couldn't believe that an Oscar Award winner was composing music for my first film - Nikeesha Patel


One should be lucky to get the right opportunity to enter the field of their passion. It’s just a question of applying their skills and commitment soon after entry. Nikisha Patel, whose dream was to become an actress in her life, finally achieved the feat through ‘Komaram Puli’. This London based beauty whose mother is a Gujarathi and father is Kenyan had Bollywood as a destination but ended up in Tollywood. She shared with the press her dreams, passion and future plans. A few some excerpts:

About Self:
I came to India to test my luck in Bollywood, but I missed that opportunity.  Later I met SJ Suryah in Mumbai during auditions and was lucky to be selected.  I was born and brought up in Wales in UK.  My mom is a Gujarathi and dad is a Kenyan.  Before I came here, I took part in some fashion shows and also became Miss Wales in 2006.  I had passion for movies right from my childhood and that made me be firm in my decision to enter movies.

About character in Komaram Puli:
I played tigress besides the tiger.  You must have understood what I meant to say.  Mine is a very bubbly character.  I like SJ Suryah for his passion for details who took utmost care in each and every scene involving me.  On the very first day I had a little problem in grasping but he thought me everything with patience.  Infact he would act and show me the role I was supposed to play.  By acting in this film I understood how difficult it is to act.

About Pawan Kalyan:
One should learn from Pawan Kalyan how to be reasonable.  He is a man with very high human values.  He respects everybody and never interferes in anyone’s matter.  He gives advices if needed but never showed his stardom anytime any day on the sets.  In general he is a very casual man but on sets he is very professional.  Simplicity is his nature.  It was during the audio launch day I realized the magnitude of the personality and the extent to which his fans shower their love on him.  I’m very happy to debutmy film career with such an electrifying personality.

About team players:
Initially, I couldn’t believe that an Oscar Award winner (AR Rahman) was composing music for my first film.  Later on learning that it’s true, I considered myself as very lucky.  ‘Puli’ gave me an opportunity to work with top people in the industry, a rare for a debutant.  I could not withhold my tears on the last day of shooting since we moved like a family throughout the shooting period.

About interest in dance:
I’m good at hip-hop dance and I was a trainer myself.  My passion for Indian classical dances lead to my learning Kathak also.  I’m a big fan of Maduri Dixit. Infact I grew up watching her films.

About career:
On one hand I’m very pleased to have become an actress but on other hand I miss all my friends back home.  I feel a bit sad for I’m used to spend a lot of time with friends and family.  I believe that every film I do in South India will help me to make a career in Bollywood too.

Updated on April 11, 2020