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I'm not sure if I'll get a character again like the one in Businessman - Mahesh Babu


Superstar Mahesh Babu is enjoying his biggest commercial success of his two consecutive movies, ‘Dhookudu’ and ‘The Businessman’. As both the films received enormous success at the box-office, Mahesh Babu invited the media for a small chit chat at his residence. This interview session was very casual with some interesting answers given by him. Here are the excerpts of this special interview with Mahesh Babu:

He started the conversation talking about his present and future films. He said, “I was lucky to get 3 wonderful offers like ‘The Businessman’, ‘Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ and Sukumar’s film when ‘Dhookudu’ was under production.”

When one of the journalists asked about the characters of his choice he answered, “I used to have such thoughts earlier. But I don’t think it will work out if we pre-plan to do a particular role. So of late after listening to the story, I learnt to take the character as it comes and completely surrender myself to it.”

About remaking of Alluri Seetaramaraju he reacted, “No, I can’t do it. It’s not possible to do such great films. I do not want to ruin it with the idea of remaking it.”

When asked, “Any idea of remaking any of your father’s films?”

No, I’ll not repeat any of his films as they are all great films.

What about James Bond films?

Right now I’ve no idea of doing such experiments.

Who’s the person behind your success?

My wife, my family and my father. If our home is good, everything else will be good.

Apart from your dad’s films, were you inspired by any other actor’s films, like for instance NTR?

All NTR’s old films are classics. Who wouldn’t be inspired by such films? I would have watched ‘Pathala Bhairavi’ atleast 10 times.

Do you intend to do folklore films?

I’ve decided not to do any experiments for the next five years. But I may do it if someone really comes up with an inspiring script.

Were you excited when you were offered to work with Maniratnam?

Who wouldn’t be excited to work with such director.

Did your film with Maniratnam get shelved?

I heard that it got pushed for sometime in future.

Are there any directors that you desire to work with?

Maniratnam and Shankar, but unfortunately it did not materialize. It might happen in future.

What is your opinion on multi-starrer films?

If I like the story I would definitely do a multi-starrer film. That is the reason why I’m doing ‘Seetamma Vakitlo….’. So let’s see, this film might set the trend for multi-starrer films.

Among Trivikram, Gunasekhar and Puri Jagan, who’s your favourite director?

All three are unique in their own style. I’m very close to all my directors.

Do you watch contemporary films?

I watch all successful films. Watching flop movies is a time waste.

Among the young heroes, who would you like to share the screen with?

I can’t decide like that.  If I like the story, then I’ll definitely do the film. I agreed to do ‘Seetamma Vakitlo…’, when Srikanth Addala narrated the entire story and told about Venkatesh garu’s character and the character I was to do. That way I okayed the film immediately.

You have given two continuous hits. Do you consider yourself as No.1 hero?

How do you expect me to say that? It’s understood that whoever gives hits is No.1. If you still have any doubt then I need to deliver three more hits. (laughs)

Of late you are doing films in short time. Will you continue to do so?

During the break period of ‘Khaleja’, I’ve told that I would be doing 2-3 films every year and as said before there will be definitely two releases. I’m ready to work everyday. If any director can direct as fast as Jagan, there can be even three releases every year. (smiles)

How about you remaking your films like ‘Dhookudu’ and ‘Businessman’ in Hindi?

I don’t think it will work out. If I do so, I’ll get a break in Telugu. So I really don’t want to happen that for another two to three years as I’m planning to do films continuously without any break.

When your father predicted that ‘Pokiri’ would do Rs 40 crores business you took it as a joke, but that turned out to be true. And now for ‘The Businessman’ also he predicted it as Rs 80 crores gross. What is your comment on this?

Any actor or director will do the film with the expectation of good results. Even though we were confident about ‘Pokiri’s success, we became blank during the release time thinking about the fans and audience’s reactions. We were sure about ‘Pokiri’ success but not at that range. My dad’s experience is such that his judgement will be definitely accurate. We can notice the change in his voice if he doesn’t like the film.

Your comedy timing was excellent in ‘Khaleja’ and ‘Dhookudu’. How did you manage to do it?

Yeah! With ‘Khaleja’ and ‘Dhookudu’ I wanted to prove myself in comedy more than anything else since people used to comment saying that I’m weak in comedy. ‘Dhookudu’ was great achievement because the 2nd half of the film runs completely on Srinu Vaitla’s modulations and it’s not easy to pick up. But I think I did a very good job. I’m very happy about that.

Your character in ‘The Businessman’ is the one which you have not done it before. Did you ever think that it would work out for you? 

After we finalized the script I blindly followed what Puri said. I just left everything to him and allowed him to shoot in his own way. The movie would have got messed up had I involved in it by giving suggestions and asking unnecessary questions. This type of character is very rare that goes on single thread. I’m not sure if I will ever get a character in future like the one in ‘Businessman.

You carried the same confidence level from start to end in the film ‘Businessman’. What kind of homework you have done for it?

I haven’t done any homework. The biggest advantage was that the film was completed in 70 days. So it was a little easy to maintain that consistency. However I would have felt it difficult had the same ‘ Businessman’ stretched for 10-11 months.

Your father did more than 300 films. What about you?

I too would like to do as many films as him if any director will be as fast as Jagan in filmmaking. (laughs)

What is your advice to your fans regarding the fights that occur for each film’s records?

We are helpless. They get excited with each huge hit film. But it will be good if there are no arguments for big films. I wish to see more and more blockbuster films in Telugu because only then our Telugu film industry flourish.

What’s your opinion on the Tamil directors not becoming successful in straight Telugu films?

The director has to be a good writer as well as should have the command on the language he is directing. I feel that these two are essential to taste the success.

Are you planning to introduce Gautham as a child artist?

We don’t have such plans now. It’s his wish.

Updated on February 3, 2012