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Lovely collected Rs 3.62 crs in 3 days - B Jaya


B Jaya, the dynamic lady director shot to fame with her first directorial venture ‘Chantigadu’ in 2003. The film became super hit but she had to wait for 8 long years to taste yet another decent success. Yes, Jaya’s latest flick ‘Lovely’, a youthful romantic entertainer featuring Aadi and Sanvi has hit theaters recently and is being screened successfully. On this occasion, the director had a brief chit chat with the media personnel. Some excerpts are:

Tell us briefly about ‘Lovely’.
So far films on the backdrop of father-daughter bonding have come. However in ‘Lovely’, I focused more on the son-in-law character and showcased how it has to be. I also tried to reduce the communication gap between parents and children.

How did you get the idea of doing ‘Lovely’?
It took me about two and half years to prepare the script for ‘Lovely’ film. After preparing 10 scripts, I finalized this with the intention of doing different and moulded in such a manner that it connects to the youth as well as to the family audience.

Lovely is a small film, but it appears that you have over shot the budget?
I agree that I never compromised anywhere when it came to production values. But we shot the film excellently within our budget limit and on locations of our choice.

Your comments on your technicians’ work.
I’m very happy to get good techncians for this film. We all worked as one team. Right from Anoop’s music to Baba Bhaskar’s choreography, Ram-Lakshman’s fights and Murali Kondeti’s sets, everything turned out to be fantastic for this film.

Do you feel that you have reached the audience’s expectations?
Of course yes! (Smile) I was very happy when people were calling and praising me saying that they did not see a film like ‘Lovely’ in recent times. They also opined that ‘Lovely’ has got all elements which a Telugu movie should have.

What was the reaction from your producer and distributors?
Raju garu also appreciated me by commenting that I’ve given him a super hit movie even if it was a small movie. He was very happy with the box-office collections. The movie collected Rs 3.62 crores in 3 days. All buyers are also very happy.

What is your reaction when someone says that you would replace Vijaya Nirmala shortly?
Vijaya Nirmala is a great director. I feel happy and motivated when someone compares me to her. (smiles)

You have been directing films for past 8 years. How was your journey so far?
My first film ‘Chantigadu’ earned me a special image and gave me immense satisfaction. But my following films like ‘Premikulu’, ‘Sawal’ and ‘Gundamma Gaari Manavadu’ became flops. I once again got back my lost glory with ‘Lovely’ which I’m very happy today.

Updated on April 25, 2020