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Rebel has all elements required for a commercial film - Prabhas


Young Rebel Star Prabhas has just delivered his latest flick ‘Rebel’ which was stylishly crafted by the stylish director Lawrence. ‘Rebel’ starring Prabhas, Tamannah, Deeksha Seth, Krishnam Raju, Brahmanandam, Aali, Kovai Sarala and others, opened to theatres with record collections and running successfully with success talk. The film is getting wide appreciations for its high production values and stylish film-making. Apart from that, the highlights of ‘Rebel’ includes the Prabhas’s looks, his action stunts, dance, comedy, Krishnam Raju’s character, Tamannah and Deeksha Seth’s role have added value to the film. ‘Rebel’ being the highest openings film in Prabhas’s career, the actor was very excited about it and shared some of his views on the film with media. Here are few excerpts:

I started off my film career with action films like ‘Eeshwar’ and ‘Raghavendra’.  Gradually I decided to do films from different genres as it was getting routine. That’s how I chose movies like ‘Mr Perfect’ and ‘Darling’.  I was a little tensed to do these two films initially, but both have become good hits and helped me in my career.

I was confident about ‘Rebel’ getting highest openings
When it comes to ‘Rebel’ I felt more comfortable doing it since it’s an action film. Infact distributors and I felt ‘Rebel’ would be a safe game.  After ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr Perfect’, I personally enjoyed doing ‘Rebel’.  I had no idea about records, but when I saw the hype in the audio function, I was very confident about ‘Rebel’ getting highest openings in my career.  The title, director, my uncle (Krishnam Raju) and all combinations put together has created a big hype.Prabhas Raju Uppalapati

Interval block scene was mind-blowing
I strongly believe that the interval block was the main highlight of the film irrespective of all action scenes because it appeared very unique and mind-blowing not only to me but to the distributors also.  The taking and conviction of the director has to be appreciated for the interval block scene.  Another action scene that comes within 10-15 minutes after interval is yet another highlight. There was a huge applauds from fans and critics.

My uncle looked like a Hollywood actor
I thank Lawrence for showing my uncle (Krishnam Raju) in a very stylish manner. For me, he looked like a Hollywood actor in the white suit get-up and his performance was extraordinary.  The entire credit goes to the director.  Lawrencediscussed with my uncle and designed his character as per the taste of present generation, be it his body-language, get-up, style or dialogue delivery. Initially they planned for a rugged character.  However since my uncle had already done many rugged roles in his career, Lawarence came up with the idea of showing him in a stylish manner.  So we went ahead with a photo session with two-three get-ups and finalized this look.

I felt some scenes were a little high
I was a little unsure about the action part in second half when I listened to Lawrence’s story narration initially.  I felt some scenes were a little high, especially the temple fight scene. Infact I wanted to discuss with my uncle about that scene.  However Lawrence felt that the scene would come out natural if I don’t discuss about it with him as the scene involved me and my uncle.  I finally did it after getting approval from my uncle.  The scene appeared very aggressive on silver screen.

Tamanna is a better dancer than me
Tamanna is definitely a better dancer than me, no doubt about it (laughs).  I don’t know how far it’s true, but I heard people saying I too performed well in ‘Keka’ song (laughs).  Lawrence master made me dance despite my refusing to dance for so long.  My fans too opined that my dance performance is better in this film when compared to my previous films.

I’m impressed with Lawrence conviction
Among the directors I worked so far with, Lawrence master is the most stylish director I have seen.  For the simple reason, that a fight taken in Ramoji Film City is so unqiue that no one had shot a fight like till date in Telugu film industry. I’m mainly impressed with his conviction and his style of filmmaking.  His style of direction is his biggest asset.

Comedy has worked out well in Rebel
For the first time I’ve done such a lengthy character with Brahmanandam garu which is again a highlight.  And my combination with Aali also worked out well.  Usually comedy wouldn’t be that great in my films.  But quite contrast to it, ‘Rebel’ has very good comedy.  I used to get scared to do comedy scenes until ‘Bujjigadu’.  But now things are different.  I can do comedy with great ease.  It has worked out well in ‘Rebel’.

Tamannah was perfect for the commercial aspects of the film
Tamannah is definitely a very big plus for the film.  Her presence in the film helped a lot to the whole look of the film.  On the other hand, Deeksha Seth played a character that draws sympathy.  Reports from my fans said that tears rolled down their eyes when she died in the film.  So while Deeksha Seth was perfect for her role, Tamannah was apt for the commercial aspects of the film, be it her glamour, performance, dance or image.  In this way both were perfect in their respective roles.

Rebel has good songs although there is no blockbuster song
I had atleast one blockbuster song in every film of mine. In this film too, there are good songs although there is no blockbuster song.  Deepali song got wide response from the audience. Had the audio function been held a month before the release of the film, the songs would have reached more audience.  But nevertheless ‘Deepali’ song would instantly catch the listeners’ attention, whether it’s in audio function or in a movie theater or in any other function if they hear.

Darling and Mr Perfect kind of films come rarely
Right from the beginning of my career, I focused mainly on mass audience.  So I opt to do commercial films.  That doesn’t mean I will do only action films.  ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr Perfect’ kind of films come rarely.  So it may not be possible for me to do that kind of films always.  I may do those kind of films in future if I come across some good scripts. But otherwise I’m open for commercial films only.

My film with Rajamouli will start by December end
My next film under Rajamouli’s direction will start either in December end or January. You may find out the rest of the details from Rajamouli only.

Rebel has all elements required for a commercial film
When I saw ‘Rebel’ in theatre, there was huge response for the dialogues before interval scene, temple fight in second half, climax scene and scenes involving me and Aali.  Overall ‘Rebel’ has all elements which are required for a commercial film.  The film is extraordinary with mind-blowing interval, extraordinary temple fight scene and extraordinary sentiment ‘Deepali’ song.  At the same time climax is new and stylish even though fans and girls were a little disappointed. After ‘Chatrapathi’, ‘Rebel’ elevated me to peak level in heroism.  A few have also complimented me saying I looked handsome (giggles) and of course not to forget the dance, Deeksha Seth’s character, my uncle’s character, Tamannah, Brahmanandam and Aali entertainment.

Prabhas concluded saying, “I thank my fans for their support in the film’s openings and the audio function.  The openings for ‘Rebel’ were double when compared to my previous films.”

Updated on April 25, 2020