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I learnt about film making on Varudu sets - Bhanushree Mehra


In general, when a film flops, heroine is blamed, when a film is a hit, hero is praised. That was back in 2010 when Bhanushree Mehra entered Tollywood as heroine of ‘Varudu’ and impressed many with her beautiful eyes, cute smile and feel good performance. However luck did not favor her despite giving a grand entry, as the film did not do well at box-office. Nevertheless, not loosing hope on this mesmerizing field, the bold actress is planning her career in such way that would set the course of her career as a major turning point. Be on the look out for this model cum actress, who’s currently doing a devotional film ‘Chilkur Balaji’ alongside Saikumar and S P Balasubrahmaniam. We got the chance to chat with this ‘Varudu’ fame about her passion on films, how she entered the movie industry, her struggling time as well as her future plans. Check out what Bhanushree had to tell us.

For those readers who don’t yet know anything about you, can you tell a little bit about yourself?
Belonging to a Punjabi family, born in Amritsar, I was brought up in the multi-cultured flavours of Mumbai. Since childhood I haveBhanushree Mehra Interview been very passionate about acting and have always aspired to do meaningful cinema. My strong inclination towards this art made me come a long way to achieve in the cine field.

Is there any history of acting in your family or are you the first to choose that path?
No one in my family is from the film industry, neither do I have any god father.

When did you start acting and what motivated you to choose this path?
It all started while I was pursuing a course in mass media from Sophia College in Mumbai. Infact getting into films was the only reason I chose to go to Mumbai to study (study was obviously just an excuse). In my second year of college itself, I signed up with a renowned modeling agency and started getting offers for TV commercials and various other modelling assignments. I did commercials for fair and lovely, Tata Indicom, MTV, Joy Alukas, etc.

Well, what did your family think of you getting involved in films?
My family always thought that I was doing all this for fun but they were really clueless about the big plans I had.

Playing a solo heroine in ‘Varudu’ alongside such a strong cast was itself a big break for you. How did you get signed for this film?
After doing a couple of modeling assignments, I got a big opportunity to kick start my acting career with a big Telugu film. I made my debut in Gunasekhar's Varudu alongside Allu Arjun and Arya which are very big names in the industry.

What was your funniest experience behind the camera?
There have been a lot of funny moments while shooting.

Bhanushree Mehra Chit ChatHave you messed up your role while on the set anytime?
When you are a new comer and not really aware of what’s going on, you tend to make mistakes. I remember while shooting for Varudu there was this scene where I am supposed to slap Arya with my slipper and I ended up hitting him actually so hard while I was supposed to act like I’m hitting him and not literally hit him. That was very embarrassing for me.

Updated on April 24, 2020