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No plans for Iddarammayilatho sequel - Puri Jagannadh


Puri Jagannadh’s ‘Iddarammayilatho’ starring Allu Arjun, Amala Paul and Catherine Tresa under the production of Ganesh Bandla on his banner Parameshwara Arts with musical scores by Devisri Prasad got released on May 31st. The film is running in theaters with mixed response. So Puri took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to the media about his just released film. Here are few excerpts:

Iddarammayilatho is getting mixed responsePuri Jagannadh Interview
Each one will have different opinion about a film after its release.  It’s very natural and we have to accept it.  All are aware about the status of ‘Avatar’ post release. Many expressed different opinions about the film after its release.  But that doesn’t mean that the film is bad.  Similarly ‘Iddarammayilatho’ is getting a mixed response.

Iddarammayilatho delay was due to weather conditions in Spain
Many have raised the question why there is a long delay in completing the film ‘Iddarammayilatho’.  But the fact is I finished the talkie part as per the schedule time, but the delay was in shooting of two songs which was done in Spain.  The bad weather condition in Spain caused the postponement of shooting for two months.  Nonetheless, we are more than happy now because the audience is getting attracted to the scenes picturized in Spain.

I’ve not let down anyone in my film
There were many comments saying that I dealt with few social communities. Many have doubts if people in other countries too show caste difference.  People remain the same everywhere.  So there will be a caste difference anywhere in the world.  But I’ve not let down anyone in my film.  Audience is enjoying the dialogue written casually on a social community.  It’s purely for fun and not with the intention of hurting anyone.

Catherine’s dialogue in climax is a coincidence
It’s also said that Catherine’s dialogue in the climax is similar to the one told by Renu Desai in the climax scene in ‘Badri’.  But that was only the coincidence.

Fights are acceptable only if blood is seen on the screen
While doing this film I took enough care to not to project scenes that include vulgarity and also more violence.  But what can I say if the blood seen during fights is considered as violence.  Fights are acceptable only if blood is seen on the screen.  I do know about the reaction if it’s not visible.  Allu Arjun did all fights without a dupe.  Each fight is unique in its own way and we did it only to create a fresh feel. There is tremendous response for it. Audiences expect variety in fights just like they expect in songs.  Producer Ganesh did not compromise on any aspect in order to main the high standard.

Screenplay must give a fresh feel to the audience
Story in Telugu films usually begins in the 2nd half as entertainment with commercial elements is the main priority for the 1st half of the film.  Hence audience gets restless during the 2nd half.  At this juncture, screenplay should be designed in such a manner that it will give a fresh feel to the audience as they expect something new for every half an hour.

Dialogues that make fun of girls is for fun only
The ‘Extraordinary’ dialogue in ‘Cameraman Gangato Rambabu’ got tremendous response from boys as well as girls.  Some of them who met me have specified dialogues in that style.  That’s the reason I included dialogues that would make fun of girls.  A conversation about Pawan Kalyan was just for fun only.

I’m going to remake Businessman in Hindi
There are speculations that Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Satya 2’ has resemblance of my ‘Businessman’.  But there is no truth in that and both have no similarities at all.  Infact I’m going to remake ‘Businessman’ in Hindi soon.

No plans for Iddarammayilatho sequel
My next will be with Mahesh Babu again which is a romantic cum action entertainer.  I’m planning another film with Bunny.  I also have a script for Prabhas.  I’m also planning to remake ‘Idiot’ and ‘Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi’ in Bollywood.  I’ve no plans to do sequel to this film.

Updated on April 24, 2020