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I never got the feeling of doing mother’s role - Madhubala


Most popular song ‘Chinni Chinni Aasa…’from Maniratnam’s ‘Roja’ will instantly remind us of actress Madhubala, who won millions of hearts with her antics in it. Similarly, she has also impressed the Telugu audience as innocent sister to Ramya Krishna in the film ‘Allari Priyudu’. Now the same beautiful actress is back into Telugu film industry with her comeback movie ‘Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha’ in which she played mother to actress Eesha, which marks Eesha’s debut film. Indraganti Mohan Krishna of ‘Ashta Chemma’ and ‘Golkonda High School’ fame directed this cute love story film with Sumanth Ashwin and Eesha as lead pair. K L Damodhar Prasad is the producer. The film was recently released and became a grand success. On this occasion actress Madhubala gave a media interview on Thursday. Here are few excerpts:

You have had a long gap before your reentry.  How are you feeling now with your come back into industry?Roja heroine Madhubala interview
I took a break from films exactly at the peak time of my career.  So I’m now giving a re-entry as a senior artist.  I never thought that I would ever act in a Telugu film again.  This opportunity was an unexpected one.  Although I did few Hindi and Tamil movies during my reentry, this film has given me good recognition.  I really feel proud for that.  I’m really very happy to meet the Telugu film industry and Telugu media after 15 years.

What attracted you to this project?
There are mainly three reasons for accepting this film. 1) Director Mohan Krishna’s film background, 2) Good concept, 3) My character in this film being close to my real nature.  These are the three reasons which made me do this film.  I’m really really happy for that.

What is it like working on Mohan Krishna’s sets?
Working with director Mohan Krishna was an amazing experience.  The first thing which I got impressed about him was his story narration.  I worked with several senior directors.  Each director has his own style.  Mohan Krishna’s style is different. He thinks everything in a creative manner.  He knows to extract what he wants from artists.  Altogether I worked for seven days for this film.  Work went on very smoothly.  The entire team showed respect on me.

Did you really enjoy playing a mother’s role?
I never got the feeling that I did a mother’s role.  In fact, while acting with Eesha, it only reminded me of those days when Balachander garu introduced me as an actress.  Eesha was as energetic as I was at my younger days.  Few scenes of mine in Ravi Babu combination are funny.  I liked the scene which I crave to act in a TV serial.  It really makes me laugh when I think of those scenes.

What would you do if you couldn’t be an actress anymore?
I married a person who is no way connected to the film industry.  He never disapproves my wish.  Recently I surprised my family members through a live stage performance.  I’ve plans to start a production house and direct films.  However, it’s still on thinking process.

Having started your career as heroine, do you miss that when you see heroines of this generation?
Heroes will always continue as heroes even as their age grows.  But things are different when it comes to heroines. Their career fades as their catches up.  So they can only settle for character roles as they won’t have any future as heroines.

So you are happy doing mother roles.
No not exactly.  Right from my childhood, I’ve been earning a good name, be it at home, school or anywhere else.  I did good roles even in films.  But now I feel like doing negative characters.  So given an opportunity I would like to do one.  Right now I’m doing a very good role in a Tamil film.

What’s next for you?
I got very good name in Maniratnam’s directorial venture ‘Roja’.  I wish to work with him once again.  He too promised me to do so.  I’ll never miss a chance in case a sequel to ‘Roja’ comes out.  I would be even happy if I’m paired up with Aravind Swamy once again because he is my favourite actor.

What's your comment on atrocities on women in today’s society?
Hearing such incidents only makes me sad and also scary.  One should be very careful when stepping out of house.  I can’t comment anything more than that.

Updated on April 24, 2020