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Chit Chat with Nitin on 'Dil' sets


A cute looking face….he became adorable to the audience with his movie 'Jayam'…..Already obvious who he is?!Yeah…..he is Nitin!!!Enthralled all of us as innocent Venkat in 'Jayam' .But now he is enrolling a rough character 'Srinu' depicting heroism in 'Dil' movie.Ragalahari had a chit-chat with him in 'Dil' shooting.

Your interest on movies…Tell us about it?
From my childhood,I developed interest as my father is also in the same field.He[father] was the distributor for 'Tholi prema' for which Karuna karan garu was the director.Then I got acquainted with him. "You are good looking and will look more handsome on the screen" ,Karuna Karan garu flattered me.Then I was in my 10th std .My interest on movies enhanced more after that.Thought of doing my first movie with him but it was not possible.

How did you get the chance as hero in 'Jayam'?
I went to watch teja garu's "Nuvvu-Nenu" on the first day of release itself.In the interval, I was sitting with my friends in the canteen. That time,Teja garu saw me and enquired about my interest in acting. I gave a positive reply.asked me of any intention to act in his movie. When I said 'yes', he gave me his phone no. He was not there when I called him later. Afterwards,I din't try.I went to the theter to watch 'Nuvvu-nenu'again on the 150th day.teja garu was there and got surprised on seeing methere. He holded my hand and took me to introduce me to ramanand garu.He selects the heroes for Teja garu 's movies.In that way,I got the chance.

Done any cousrse pertaining to acting?
Didn't do any course as such.Ramanand garu taught me some tips like how to be infront of a camera ….etc.

How was the encouragement from your family?
Me,acting in movies is of great interest to my dad.My family members bolster lot of support and encouragement in whatever I does.

Your education?
Not much interested in studies.i'm studying just for the sake of getting a degree.I'm pursuing my[2nd year].

How did you find yourself infront of a camera for the first time?
I face the camera for the first time in 'jayam' movie.Felt so happy .Tears turned round my eyes.

Your first movie 'Jayam' became a hit ! what experience you earned?
There is much maturity in performance after the first one.The weaknesses that I discovered in the first movie helping me not to repeat them again.I can't describe in what way but definitely some improvement will be seen in my performance in my next movies "Sambaram" and "Dil".

How is this "Srinu" character in 'Dil'?
Its really different .Roughness and sharpness in excess. 'Srinu' looks like an ordinary college student but he thinks like a 'Genius',Very smartly,he encounters his opponents.He makes the girl love him whom he like.This character entertains and at the same time breeds interest.

How is your character in real life?
Definitely not as the character in 'Dil'.I'm a soft person in real life.Not so stubborn as I look in this movie.I find this character new to do.

Many offers did pour in after 'Jayam'!What's the reason behind working with Vinayak denying all those?
This movie ws planned even before the 'Aadhi' movie.after 'Aadhi',my confidence in Vinayak boosted.With that confidence that he'll efinitely do well,I'm working for his movie.

Vinayak's 2 movies in the past had powerful subjects.How is the summary of this movie?
This movie is totally different from his last 2 movies.Those were subjects with faction backdrop but this is a story with college backdrop.This subject does contain that element of powerfulness .It's really thrilling for me to work with vinayak garu.He's doing excellent job.

It was okay playing an innocent character in 'Jayam' but this character in 'Dil' has to do with heroism……What homework had you done for this role?
Nothing like homework but regarding my performance,I'm trying to exactly do what Vinayak garu says.I'm trying my best to perform well.

Almost 7 months gap after 'Jayam'!Is this gap not a problem for an young hero?
I look young in 'jayam' movie.But need a good personality for this Srinu's character in 'Dil'.For that sake,I went to Gym.I believe ,the role that we are playing is more important than the amount of gap.If I see in that manner,this gap is not a problem for me.

your first movie with Teja,second with Vinayak,how do you feel?
I'm really lucky to get the chance to work with the most talented directors.

Can you give us the details of the shooting schedule happened till now?
Three schedules are done.Third schedule was from jan 9th to 14th feb.The talkie part and one song are completed till now.the song picturised in this schedule will be montage song in this movie.Fourth schedule from Feb 15th to 25th feb,shot in Annapurna studios.At present,picturised 2 set songs.Two and half songs will be picturised in Newzealand from Feb 25th.Will come back to Hyderabad on March 10th and from March 11-15 will shot a set song.There are 7 songs total in the movie.Trying to make all the songs look rich.means,not that the songs should give relief to audience but they have such prominence in the story.Even 'Dil'will be a big musical hit.

Heard that Nitin will get a mass hero image with this 'Dil'!Is this true?
I have confidence that it'll become 100% true.Vinayak miraculously designed the character. 'Jayam' gave me life as an artist and 'Dil' gives me a strong career as hero.

Hindi word 'Dil' is selected as the title?
Not that it is a hindi word but an universal word .we do hear it frequently. 'manassu,dhammu,khaleja…..' this way ,we use 'Dil' in many instances for various meanings.After watching this movie,along with audience you too will agree that this is the perfect title for this movie.

Then,I think you gave the caption 'The power of student'below the title?!
A college student with his friends encounters his opponents intelligently..That's the story.That doesn't mean the students go ,assault and raise conflicts.But that activeness and sharpness in a student are seen in this story.

What other significant details about this movie and tell us about the major characters?
Like in all other movies,the heroine looks beautiful and innocent.How the hero traps that beautiful and innocent girl,how he made her get in to love….all these looks new inthis.After the love seed is sown in between them,how the hero averts her fear to her dad…..after that fear disappears,how they enjoyed their love,how they protected it….all these are major concepts in this movie.

Is 'Dil' a violent love story?
No.It'll be humourous.Even music is alloted lot of significance.Patnaik garu gave good music.It's neither a violent love story nor a musical love story.It's a different love story.

You seems to be doing another movie in Teja's banner?
I feel so comfortable under Teja garu.even though not under his direction ,I'm enjoying it.

How is your character in "Sambaram'?
A very soft character..

Your favourite hero?
From 'Tholi prema' cinema,I like Pavan kalyan.

What kind of pictures do you like most?
Nothing like class or mass movies.I like movies of this combination which are more entertaining.

Did you meet pavan kalyan?
I met him in 'Johnny' shooting.He said, 'I haven't seen your movie .But saw the ad and its very good.I'll definitely watch after the completion og 'Johnny'.

What places do you like most?
I like going outdoors.There I can move more freely.

You know Telugu well!Why don't you do dubbing ?
I speak somewhat fast.Not everybody can get the meaning immediately.So,I get it dubbed by others.

Your date of birth?
March 30th

Updated on July 18, 2005