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My film got A certificate despite not featuring kissing scenes-Puri Jagannadh


After the box-office failure of 'Iddarammayilato' last year, Puri Jagannadh came out with another love story on foreign backdrop titled 'Heart Attack'. Written, directed and produced by Puri himself, 'Heart Attack' featuring current crazy hero Nithin and a fresh face Adah Sharma opened to theaters on January 31. On this occasion, Puri Jagannafh organized a media interview to talk about his most loved movie and his urge to push the audience to theaters to watch the film with belief on him. Read on...

Was the response from audience as you expected?

Nithin and myself watched the film in Shanti theater.  We were very happy with the audience's response.  We became emotional by looking at the audience's response in the theater. The buyers too have called me and said that the collections are brilliant.

What is your comment on the mixed response in few areas?

It's natural to get the mixed response from crores of audiences.  Even bIg hit movies get mixed response.  Every viewer has his/her own opinion.  However the overall talk is positive.


How did you come up with 'Heart Attack'?

The basic idea came me from the song 'Aur Ho..' in Bollywood film 'Rockstar'.  I wrote story in one hour.


Of late what's inspiring you to make films on foreign backdrop?

There isn't any specific reason.  I've done many films in Hyderabad.  Now I'm doing films in foreign locations because they are more attractive.

So you think such films do connect with all audiences.

Yes, definitely.  Emotions are same everywhere.  Heart Attack is a simple story with lot of emotions.

Could you tell us about the casting process, especially your decision to cast Nithin in this film?

Actually I was supposed to do this film with Naga Babu garu's son Varun Tej, but doe to some reasons it did not materialize. That's the reason why the hero's name is Varun.

Amol Rathod's cinematography is special attraction.

It's true that the special attraction of this movie is cinematography.  I got introduced to him during the making of 'Raktha Charitra'.  We worked together for 'Buddah Hoga Tera Baap', 'Nenu Naa Rakshashi', 'Iddarammayilatho' and now this film.  He got very good name for this film.

Why did you change your banner name?

Post 'Pokiri', I did 'Buddah Hoga Tera Baap' with Amitabh Bachchan.  After that there was a huge gap for my next film. So exactly during that time I thought of producing two films with new directors and established a new banner.  I want to settle down as writer and producer in the near future.

The entire first half of the film is based on the backdrop of kiss.  But there isn't any kiss scene? Why?

It's just that we couldn't include the kiss scene as per the censor rules.

But many films do have lip lock kiss, isn't?

You are right.  But they have their own rules.  We can't blame anyone's for that.

My film was given  'A' Certificate despite not having the kiss scene. I don't know what they would have rated the film had I included the kiss scene.

Unlike other directors, you shoot films very fast.

I fix a specific time for each film and try to complete within that time limit.  I don't like stretching it for long.  I know it's crazy to think like that.

When can we except a film like 'Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi' from you?

I seriously wanted to do a love story film with family emotions like 'Itlu Sravani Subrahmaniam' and 'Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi'.

Do you have any plans to do a film with Sairam Shankar?

Yeah!  It might be in this year.

You have given hits to a hero like Ravi Teja but failed to do so in your brother's case.

Even to big stars, we can give money but not the success. Success cannot be given.  It has to be earned. The sons of big stars too, have to come up with their own talent.  It takes some time for that.

When are you planning to make your son a star?

Given a chance He wants to become a hero overnight.  It may take another five years for it.  But before that I've to be mentally prepared.  I need to save some money and then attempt a trial on him.

Are you going to direct his film?

After five years why would I do that.  Anyone could do.

In the recent audio function, you said to watch the film with belief on you.  What does that mean?

Yes, it means I did the film with such great passion and love.  Not just me, Nithin as well as every technician got attached to the film very much.

How are you going to show Mahesh Babu in your next project?

So far I've not planned anything.  I'm yet to prepare a story.  I've to think about that in Bangkok. (Laughs)

Are you planning sequel for 'Pokiri 2'?

No! Thinking of a fresh story.

Tell us about your Bollywood projects.

I've two films with 'Son of Sardar' producer AR Pachisiya.  He is currently in talks with heroes for their dates.  Will start them after they give their call sheets.

What kind of films do you prefer to make as a producer?

As a producer I want to give opportunity to new directors.  I aim to do different films, but definitely will not make any experiments. I want to make sensible films like 'Itlu Sravani Subrahmaniam' and  'Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi'.

Updated on April 24, 2020