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Sunny Leone is playing a traditional girl in Current Theega - Manchu Manoj


Manchu Manoj is going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow (May 20). It’s needless to introduce this young and talented actor who comes from a filmy family with father Mohan Babu being a versatile actor and producer, sister Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna and brother Manchu Vishnu also being successful actors and producers. Happy Birthday to him from Ragalahari and its viewers. On this happy occasion, the actor organized a press conference and discussed at length about his upcoming film ‘Current Theega’. So folks, read on to find out all that he had to say about it.

The first and obvious question will be, what is special on this birthday?
I usually do not plan anything in particular for my birthday because I consider it as one more day. Nevertheless I ensure to I meet up with all my friends on that day. Since NTR’s birthday also falls on the same day, we would take great delight in celebrating it together if time and situation permits.

Are you looking forward to ‘Current Theega’? What is it like working with director Nageshwara Reddy?Manchu Manoj Interview
Yes, I’m looking forward to my next film release very much. The reason being, so far in my career no director except Chandrasekhar Yeleti and K Raghavendra Rao were able to put their visual thoughts on the screen. They failed to present films in the way they narrated the stories. Now coming back to my present film ‘Current Theega’, director Nageshwara Reddy’s style is absolutely amazing! The sequence on screen will be ten times brilliant than what he narrated. His approach has always been clear in every scene he shoots. All I can say about him is that he is literally killing me to extract what he exactly wanted from me. Well, I mean, it’s a great experience working with director Nageshwara Reddy.

How was your working experience with the rest of the team?
Among the films that I did, I would say this is the best team ever in my career so far. Right from our director Nageshwar Reddy, be it music director Atchu or heroine Rakul Preet Singh or any other technician, everyone in the team has great passion for films. The output and result is understood when we work with one such team. So I’m very happy in that way.

Tell us about Sunny Leone; what is the reason behind choosing her for ‘Current Theega’?
Porn star turned heroine Sunny Leone will be seen in a very special role in ‘Current Theega’. Yes, that’s one of the reasons for signing her for the film. She is the aptly suitable actress for the female lead character in the film. But specialty about her in this particular film is she will appear as a traditional woman wearing sarees throughout the film, with one song being an exception. I said one song being an exception because her fans would get disappointed if her glamour quotient is missed completely.

In most of your films, your contribution was seen in music, fights and other aspects too. Now coming to this film, how much are you involved in the whole journey?
Yeah! My involvement was there in other departments too in my previous films. But for the first time, in ‘Current Theega’, my focus has been limited to acting alone, being free from other activities even if it has been successful in the past.

What character did you play in the film?
I played a village guy who’s rough and tough. My characterization was designed like a million watts energetic guy, which is apt for the title ‘Current Theega’.

That’s very interesting. When are you planning to bring the film to theaters?
Shooting will be completed in June. We are planning to release the film in August. Therefore our unit is working day and night to complete the entire work before the scheduled time.

Your brother Vishnu is producing this film. What remuneration did he offer you?
(laughs) So far he had not offered any. You must try and make him pay my remuneration (laughs again). Nevertheless he is making this film without any compromise on production values. Even if we are very close to each other as brothers, he follows the discipline on the sets. That way he makes a good producer.

What’s your next film after this?
One story is in the pipeline but we have not yet finalized. On the other hand, we are thinking of doing ‘Son of Pedarayudu’. The script of this project is also not ready.

What was your reaction on the results of the recent elections?
Feeling very happy to note that Narendra Modi ji, whom our entire family supported, is going to sworn in as Prime Minister. I also congratulate Chandrababu Naidu garu and KCR garu for getting elected as Andhra, Telangana Chief Ministers.

Okay, now the final question to you is when are you planning to get married? Is it going to be a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
This is the routine question which is being asked by everyone on my every birthday. But you know what, I feel it will be a big responsibility for me if I marry at a very young age. Well, I did decide to marry a girl of my parents’ choice and they are also leaving no stones behind when it comes to searching for a suitable girl for me. Meanwhile if any girl attracts me and wins my heart, I would then think about ‘Love Marriage’.

Updated on April 24, 2020