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Guess whoz the cute charming telugu girl who has been introduced into the tollywood industry with her debut as heroine in 'Nenu', with professionalism in Kuchipudi dance…… guessed whoooooo ??? Itz none other than the gorgeous Veda. Prior to acting, she had performed various classical dance stage shows too. Her first appearance before all the filmy freaks is in the film Nenu, which is very a different kind of storyline movie. She captured the attention of all the audience with her good performance in Nenu. 'I like Tabu, Sridevi, Soundharya and mostly watch their films', says this pretty girl. She told Ragalahari that she is fully satisfied with her role as well as performance in the movie Nenu. She is presently working in the film "Suryam' opposite to Vishnu as one of the heroines. Let's know what the veda mantram of this lovely looking girl Veda is through this exquisite interview.

We heard that you are a good dancer ?
I learnt classical dance since my childhood. My first guru is my mother, who taught me Kuchipudi dance. I performed many stage shows in various countries like London, Dubai, etc. I did my first stage show when I was in class 9. Later on I performed the shows along with my mother, portraying the character of Lord Krishna and my mother as Satyabhama. My foremost interest into acting has augmented from the stage shows. I have special interest in arts. Initially Dad was not keen in me taking up this acting profession, but later after I graduated out, he gave his consent for me to act.

Tell us about your education background ?
I did my schooling from Bhavans and graduated from St Francis College.

What were your feelings when you faced the camera for the first time ?
It isn't the first time that I had faced the camera. I am used to it, since I had performed many stage shows prior to my stepping into this industry. I am quite comfortable before the camera. Initially also, when I faced the camera, I never felt nervous nor was troubled. I was at ease and moreover felt very interesting and exciting.

In which profession did you feel more comfortable, as a dancer or an actress ?
This is a tough question. I like both these professions. When it comes to comfort, it depends on our liking and enthusiasm towards the profession. Though I am a dancer, when I am asked to perform a character which is against my liking, then I would not accept it. It is the same with respect to acting too. I am quite comfortable and contented with both of my professions. If you ask me what I like the most, I will not have an answer for this question, as both are indispensable for me.

Did you take up any course with regard to acting ?
Nope, I haven't done any such course. The kuchipudi dance which I learnt from my mother is a plus point, since articulating the facial and body expressions are the key aspects in this dance. Apart from this, I am too quick at grasping the facial expressions and can enact the role that is given to me. All these have been an added advantage for me in taking up a heroine's role.

How did you get the heroine role in this film Nenu ?
I always had interest in acting, but had never made any efforts to put up my portfolio. Unexpectedly, Mr EVV happen to see my photographs and he had decided to take me as a heroine in Nenu. Though, I had got a few offers prior to this film, since my father was against acting at that time, I had to regret.

We understand that you had acted in the film Tapana ?
That was just a guest appearance role only.

Anybody for that matter would initially prefer to do a love oriented movie, but this movie is a totally different one, why did you take it up ?
When I was told that I would be the heroine of this film, I saw the tamil version of Nenu and was glad, feeling that I have got such a good character to perform. I decided that I need to perform my best. The love oriented films can be done anytime in the future, but to act in such a different story based film like Nenu are rare and I am fortunate that I had got an opportunity for my first debut itself.

How did you feel when you saw yourself first on the silver screen ?
I am very happy and very satisfied on seeing myself on the silver screen and am glad to watch the character portrayed by me. I liked the storyline, the music and the tasks of the various characters in the film. This film has given me lot of scope to exhibit my skills. In this context, I am very thankful to Mr EVV and my director Mr Satibabu.

How did you feel about Naresh's action ?
Naresh is a good performer. Till now I mostly watched only humours films acted by Naresh. His peformance in the movie 'Pranam' is commendable. When I watched the tamil version of Nenu movie, I felt that Naresh is the best fit for this role, but never expected that he would perform outstandingly. He understands and respects the co-stars. He never under looks at the new stars. He is very cool at the sets.

Did you find any scene which is tough to act while shooting for Nenu ?
I had taken this film as a challenge. All of us have contributed our best and had really worked hard at the climax scene with lot of involvement. I felt very painful when I was doing the rolling shots, but now I am enjoying the success for the pains I had gone through.

What type of response did you receive from the industry, your family & friends, audience, etc.
Got a good response. Everybody called and told me that I had delivered a good quality performance in my first film itself. In future, whatever role I carry out, either it could be a senior character or a heroine oriented role, I gained a confidence that everybody would receive the film very well. All my friends and family members were happy with my first film Nenu. I got a good response too from the industry. I am planning to slowly take up good roles to prove my talent further.

How does your mother encourage you ?
She gives her full support and encouragement to me. My family members too are like that. Daddy was against my acting initially, but later on after he watched the movie, he was happy. My brother is in his class 10. He is a good critic and tells me that I did this, that, etc in the film.

What are you future plans ? Do you want to continue in this profession only ?
I can not think of looking at this profession lightheartedly, since I am fully relishing and enjoying acting. I do not have any thoughts at all of just doing few movies and quitting. I would continue in this profession only. I am not viewing this profession as a hobby, which usually come into action only during free time.

What are your hobbies ?
I am not only fond of classical dance, but also like the various other kinds of dances too. I like watching films which are unique and different. I mostly watch the films of Tabu, Sreedevi and Soundarya.

Bhanupriya was first a classical dancer and turned into one of the best heroines, how about you ?
Yes, Bhanupriya is a good dancer and her performance was excellent in the film "Swarna Kamalam" directed by Vishwanath. I love such movies. Similarly, I like the humorous roles Sreedevi enacts. She articulates lots of comical expressions on her charming face. She is really great.

Which hero do you like the most ?
My liking towards the heroes vary from one film to the other. I like Tabu because she acted in such a good movie "Prema Desam". I like Chiranjeevi for his performance in "Appadbhandavudu". I like Najarjuna for his performance in "Ninne Pelladuta". Likewise, recently I liked Mahesh for his action in "Okkadu". Of late, when I watched the trailers of 'Yuva' , I liked the looks of Surya in the movie.

Laya is a Telugu girl and she too is a good classical dancer, who had learnt dance from her mother… you both seem to have the similar background....
Oh, I really don't know about this. I am really grateful to myself since I am aligned with one of the good heroies in tollywood.

What type of films you would select ?
When I did my first film Nenu, I did not have any high expectations. I put in my 100% effort, commitment and involvement into the film. I never did my first film with an attitude of doing the film in a lighter vein by thinking that I can improvise myself in the second film. I got a good response from the audience for Nenu. I feel that my second film which I had chosen too is a good one.

Tell us about your food habits ?
I don't prefer eating outside. I stopped eating non veg since the past one year. I love chinese food.

Tell us about your positives and negatives traits ?
Sincerity is my positive trait. I am thoroughly involved in whatever I do and give my best. Negative trait is that I am sensitive and lazy too.

Do you have any specific tips that you have perceived from other actors ?
I generally keep watching the clothes and the patterns. I hate to be monotonous with respect to my clothes. I always want to be dressed in unique and different variety of dresses. I observe on how the artists perform and act and reflect upon myself, as to how I would perform that particular role. I also keep observing the body language, the makeup, the costumes, etc.

What are your views and likings about exposing ?
Nowadays, every film has exposing. If we maintain a good physique, however way we are dressed, it wouldn't look obscene. If a stout woman wears modern clothes, then it would be bothersome for the viewers. Exposing depends on the comfort one feels in the clothes one wears. We need to choose the clothes as per our level of comfort.

What are your new commitments ?
Presently I have film "Suryam" on hand acting opposite to Vishnu as one of the heroines.

Are you interested to work in other languages too ?
My first preference is to act in Telugu films. If opportunity knocks, I would definitely act in Tamil films too, but I am very keen in Telugu.

What is your full name ?
It's just 'Veda'

When were you born ?
October 8th

Updated on July 18, 2005