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Nikhil Siddharth Interview


Things are going great for Nikhil. Young Hero Nikhil, who is on a roll now with two consecutive successes ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ and ‘Karthikeya’, is coming to the audience on March 5, with ‘Surya vs Surya’ to hit a hat trick. Nikhil and Thrida Chowdary are the lead roles in the film. Malkapuram Sivakumar is producing this film on Suraksh Entertainments India Pvt. Ltd. banner with baby Thrisha as presenter and Karthik Ghattamaneni as the director. On the eve of film’s release, he took some time out of his day to share some details about his upcoming film with his fans through the media.

The title ‘Surya vs Surya’ itself is very different. Right? Tell us about the film?
Yes. The film has a never touched different story line. It’s not a suspense thriller. It’s a romantic comedy film. But, is contains all elements including suspense and thrilling elements. First time I’m doing out and out love story.

What character did you play in the film?
I played the role of a teenager named Surya who has a rare disorder, a condition related to Porphyria.  That is a rare disease that won't allow him go out in the daylight. If he comes out during daylight, sometimes it may leads to death. We did research on the script. Surya cannot come out during daylight and he falls in love with a girl who likes coming out only during daytime. How their love blossoms amidst comedy of errors was interestingly etched in the story.

What kind of homework did you do for this role?
I play a 19-year old college student. I had to look the age of my character. I had to gain weight for my last film ‘Karthikeya’ and now I had to shed for this film. So I went on a strict diet and lost about 10 Kg.

How was your working experience under cinematographer Karthik Ghattamaneni’s direction? 
Well. Really good experience. Karthik Ghattamaneni worked as a cinematographer for ‘Karthikeya’. I recognized his talent during the time. I was very impressed with his working style. He has made many short films. Whatever the credit that comes to the film will goes to him. And coming to the film, he narrated me the story during the time of ‘Karthikeya’. I was very impressed with the script. It has all elements along with sentiment and love. Madhubala played my mother role. Satya and Tanikella Bharani played my friends. The film has a never touched different story line.

What are the major highlights for the film?
It is very easy to do regular love story. But, to do different love stories is very risky thing. There is no special comedy track. How a guy changes from his negative character to positive is the story.

How will be the title justification?
Sun is the villain in the film and the hero name is Surya. The story revolves around both the characters. Therefore, we have chosen ‘Surya vs Surya’ title. 80% of shooting took place during night time.

You have been continuously doing different concept films. Any particular reason behind this?
Yes. I’m an upcoming hero. I need to impress audience. So, I should choose different scripts.

Any particular reason behind casting a new heroine in the film?
Both my last films needed a star heroine. Swathi did perfect justice to those roles. But for this film our director and producers felt that a new comer will be an apt choice. Even though the Heroine Thrida Chowdary is new, she gave wonderful performance in the film.  

Tell us about the business response?
I would like to say thanks to our producer Siva Kumar sir. The film has got good response from the buyers and distributers. Producer has created much hype on the film. I wish that the film will become big success and earn good profits to the producers. I hope audience will make the film a big success.

Updated on April 21, 2020