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Hero Maanas Interview


Maanas, who was a child artist in over 10 films and recently carved lover boy image for himself in the hearts of Telugu audience by playing the young hero in ‘Jhalak’ and ‘Green Signal’, is now playing one of the lead roles in ‘Kai Raja Kai’. The film starring Ram Khanna, Maanas, Josh Ravi, Sravya, Shamili and Hari Krishna in lead roles will be released on April 23. Siva Ganesh, who worked as an associate director at Maruthi, is directing the film which is a joint venture of Maruthi Talkies and Full Moon Entertainments. In his recent interview with the media, Maanas talked about his upcoming film ‘Kai Raja Kai’.

Who inspired you to choose the acting field?
I love dancing since my childhood. Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s dances inspired me. I used to watch each and every film of him for his dances. Especially, my parents watched my performance for Chiranjeevi’s ‘Ramma Chilakamma’ song from ‘Chudalani Vundi’ film at home. I took special training on dances and acting with my parents’ permission. I also follow Kamal Haasan, Pawan Kalyan, Ravi Teja, NTR and Allu Arjun.

You are playing one of the lead roles right? 
Maruth’s disciple Siva Ganesh is making his debut as director through this film. When he readied the script, the story needs two heroes. They

roped in Ram Khanna for one of the lead roles. When the makers are searching for the suitable person, ‘Green Signal’ director Vijay suggested my name and said to that Maanas is a good performer and is very apt to the role. Later, director Siva Ganesh called me and narrated me the story. I was impressed with the story and I readily accepted to act in this. ‘Kai Raja Kai’ is going to be released on April 23.

Tell us about the film ‘Kai Raja Kai’ and your character in the film?
Ram Khanna and I played the hero roles in the film. Josh Ravi‘s character is also very crucial. Everyone gave wonderful performances to their roles. I played Anand who’s a very responsible guy. He comes from a village to city in search of job and did lot of efforts for his family. Even Master degree holders are not getting jobs. And he understands that it is impossible to get a job with simple bachelor degree. One fine day, he earns the job at MLA house. Meanwhile he falls in love with MLA’s daughter and MLA gang will chase them. ‘Kai Raja Kai’ is the story about how the normal going lives of 3 guys’ changes.

All earlier films that come from Maruthi Talkies banner are targeted to youth. What about ‘Kai Raja Kai’? 
‘Kai raja Kai’ has all commercial elements along with action and comedy. Josh Ravi’s character will entertain the audience. Heroines’ performance will impress the audience. Each and every artist in the film did very hard work and performed well. Director Siva Ganesh has extracted good acting skills from us. ‘Kai raja Kai’ is a full-fledged commercial film. The film has all elements like action, comedy, romance, love and friendship etc. which are needed for a commercial film. I’m very confident that the film will impress all sets of audience.

You have a lover boy image till now. Do you have any plans to attract mass audience?
I want to impress mass audience too by acting as a lover boy. I have to work hard to carve a niche. With the effort and perseverance, we can achieve our goals. I’m sure that I’ll impress class and mass audience. I’m going for a workout for my body fitness.

What kind of roles would you prefer to choose in future?
I’m always ready to work in the role which has importance in the story. Meanwhile, I want to do a role which offers ample scope to perform and earn good name and recognition to me.

Tell us little bit about your next coming up project?
Right now, I accepted two projects. Out of two, one is coming from a big banner. At present, shooting of the film is going on in and around Nellore. Shooting is nearing completion. Talks with another 2 to 3 films are going on. We will soon reveal the details of my upcoming projects. Tamil director and producers approached me to act in a big banner movie. But, they asked bulk dates. If I accept the Tamil film, I have to go away from Telugu films for some time. So, I didn’t given green signal to them. I’ll give first priority to Telugu films.    



Updated on April 21, 2020