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Anushka on ‘Rudramadevi’


South Indian top actress Anushka in the title role, India’s first historical stereoscopic 3D bilingual film ‘Rudramadevi’, which is directed by Dynamic director Gunasekhar, releases in theaters on October 9. On this occasion, an interview has been given by the actress Anushka. Here are few excerpts from her interview.

Tell us a little bit about the unique elements of ‘Rudramadevi’?
‘Arundhati’ is a fiction film with period backdrop, while ‘Baahubali’ is a fiction film which is set in the backdrop of folk. ‘Rudramadevi’ is set in the genuine historical backdrop. We all have studied ‘Rudramadevi’ history in our school days. Ferocious warrior Rudramadevi’s life in Kakathiya dynasty is filled with emotions. Gunasekhar made an eccentric attempt to present it on screen. I’m extremely confident the film will lives forever in cinema history and we will score huge success.

How hard is 3D work?
Yes. It is really a tough work. We have to take due care even to change a simple alignment. It takes nearly 45min to change the lens. Therefore we have taken due care on sets regarding dialogue delivery also.

Can we ask why ‘Rudramadevi’ shooting took long enough time? 
We had to depend a lot on VFX work. It takes lot of time. 3D and graphics means dealing with hundreds of crores investment. We have limited reference material available on Rudramadevi. We have spent months studying the remains of Katatiya dynasty and for discussions. Hundreds of sketches were made.

You have paired up with Rana. How was the working experience with Rana?
I know Rana since I entered into the film industry. I’ve paired up with Rana in this film. Our pair will be very fresh. Though Rana looks hunky, you will see his romantic side in this film.

Can you compare ‘Arundhati’, ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Rudramadevi’? In which way has the making changed over the years?
I can’t compare ‘Arundhati’ with any other film. It’s a unique film and it’s a turning point in my career. Similarly, making changed over the years in terms of graphics and technology. Today, it became very easy. Top technicians who won national level awards have worked for ‘Rudramadevi’ and ‘Baahubali’. Experts have worked in VFX and graphics. Rajamouli and Gunasekhar have extracted excellent output from top technicians.

Tell us about the speciality in ‘Rudramadevi’?
An incident that happened for warrior queen Rudramadevi is unforgettable. It should be watched on the screen and I’m sure it will give you goosebumps. Rudramadevi role has beauty as well as pain and emotion. The character will mesmerize you.

Only you have unique chances. Do you trust your talent or luck?
I consider myself lucky to get such unique opportunities like ‘Arundhati’, ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Rudramadevi’. Those roles needs talent and lady luck must also favour.

Do you like jewellery?
Jewellery in ‘Rudramadevi’ is unique. I really don’t like jewellery that much. I actually love wearing no jewellery at formal events even. But, after seeing the designs in ‘Rudramadevi’, I started buying ornaments. Ace fashion designer Neeta Lulla has designed the historical jewellery based on the sculptures.

Tell us about Nithya Menon’s role?
Nithya Menon is a wonderful artist. We both have some interesting scenes together. We became friends and shared about some things like yoga on sets. She is very interested in yoga. Catherine and Nithya played crucial roles in the film. As of now, I can’t reveal complete details of their roles.

What was your feeling when you heard Bunny is playing the role of Gona Ganna Reddy?
While shooting some scenes, people have to scream Gona Ganna Reddy…Gona Ganna Reddy. No one was there, but people have to scream by imagining a person. The character should be powerful. I learnt that Bunny is doing that character. He is perfectly apt to that role. He always be in forefront to encourage innovative ideas. He stood as executor for ‘Vedam’. Now, he came forward to do Gona Ganna Reddy role.

Will you return the money if the filmmaker loses?
I’m not that much high to return the money. I demand the remuneration based on the script. Similarly, I don’t take remuneration for some films. Those stories are completely different. I love money. But, I don’t act just for money. I’ve good relationship with the families of Nagarjuna, Shyam Prasad Reddy, Rajamouli and Prabhas. All this is gain. In my decade long career I have achieved success because of the support of my parents.

Have you ever felt like you missed any of your opportunities?
I missed the chances to act in ‘Sitamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ and ‘Viswaroopam 1’. Srikanth Addala narrated me the script and offered me Sita character. I was very impressed. I missed the opportunity. Anjali did the role wonderfully.

Updated on April 21, 2020