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I put on 8 KGs - Manchu Manoj


Manchu Manoj starrer ‘Shourya’ is is arriving theaters on March 4. Directed by Dasardh and produced by Malkapuram Shivakumar, the film has Regina as the female lead. On this occasion Manchu Manoj took some time to chat with the media about his upcoming release ‘Shourya’. Here are the excerpts:

Tell us about your role in the film?
I played Shourya, a soft looking personality. There will be no fights in the film. I will appear in a completely different look. Every person has two shades, good and bad. The film was made based on this concept. It’s a thriller genre film. Comedy element is also there, but I won’t do.

What is the major concept of the film?
Every act has three phases. ‘Shourya’ is such a film. It will be very new concept to Telugu people. I put on 8 Kgs for my role.

Tell us about the director Dasaradh?
Our entire batch calls him Guru. During the time of ‘Sri’, we both were unmarried. Now, we both have settled in life. If Shourya character really exists, it will be Dasaradh garu. The character in the fil keeps all emotions inside and behaves the other way outside. I did blindly what the director said. Director Dasaradh garu has narrated the role wonderfully.

What are the major highlights of the film?
Regina has perfectly dwelled into her role Netra. Tunes composed by Veda has got tremendous response. Re-recording is also receiving good response. Malkapuram Shivakumar has made the film wonderfully.

What was your family members’ reaction after watching the film?
My father had a dream since long time to see me in such kind of roles. He felt very happy after watching the film.

Tell us about your wife’s involvement in choosing the scripts?
No. We have five years relationship. She never involved in choosing the scripts so far.

Can we ask about the progress of ‘S/o Pedarayudu’?
It is not the title, but a film will be launched in April.

We have learnt that you are planning to release ‘Pedarayudu’ in digital?
Yes. My brother is taking up the works.

Tell us about the progress of ‘Attack’?
Once this film will be released, ‘Attack’ will be released soon.

Recently you spoke about caste system right?
A film can be completed only if all caste people work together. So, we should put an end to evils like caste discrimination, piracy and drugs. I request the youth to stay away from these evils. Artists won’t do films related to a particular caste. We need everyone.

Will you bother about successes and failures of the films?
As I born and brought up from a cinema family, successes or failures doesn’t bothers me. I was raised by a cinema family and therefore I’m seeing these things since my childhood.

Updated on April 21, 2020