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Pavan Sadineni Interview on Savitri


Nara Rohith and Nanditha starrer ‘Savitri’ is being directed by Pavan Sadineni and produced by BV Rajendra Prasad on Vision Makers banner. The film which is being made as a love and family entertainer is releasing worldwide grandly on April 1. On this occasion Pavan Sadineni took some time to chat with the media about his upcoming release ‘Savitri’. Here are the excerpts:

You have taken big gap after ‘Prema Ishq Kaadhal’, right?
After ‘Prema Ishq Kaadhal’, when I’m planning for my next project, the budget seems to be 5 to 6 times bigger than my first film and therefore I decided to enter into my next project with perfect planning. I have taken due care in choosing the story and artists and so it took lot of time. Each and every scene in the film will be very colourful. Each and every character has equal importance. With the support of every artists and technician, I’m able to complete the film within two months.

Tell us a little bit about the film ‘Savitri’?
So far we have seen wedding films which revolves around the relation between the characters, but not around wedding. The story of ‘Savitri’ revolves around wedding. Heroine in the film likes marriage and what happens if a guy enters into her life is the story.

How did you conceptualise the idea? 
The idea struck in my mind when I was in gym. Many young girls were coming to the gym. I was in doubt that why do some girls enthusiastically work out in the gyms. I felt that they were mad of marriage and wanted to keep themselves fit before marriage. Then the idea of ‘Savitri’ got generated there.

How did you choose the title ‘Savitri’?
According to my view, the title ‘Savitri’ is a mass title. Because yeasteryears heroine Savitri reached mass audience. The title has reached mass audience. The film has completed business as well. Hero Rishi takes struggle for heroine Savitri in the film and that’s why the title.

Tell us little bit about heroine and hero characters?
The heroine character should be a Telugu nativity girl and at the same time she should be innocent and therefore we roped in Nanditha. After listening to the title, she didn’t accept at first. Later she agreed to act in this after listening to the script. Rohith played a medico role. His role will be very energetic. At first, I approached Nara Rohith with a script which has action backdrop. But, he is waiting to do family entertainer like ‘Solo’. He was very much impressed by ‘Savithr’ script and accepted to act in this.

What are the major highlights of the film?
Hero and heroine characterization, entertainment and family drama are the driving elements.

What is your next upcoming project?
Pavan Sadineni concluded his interview saying, “Three scripts are ready. As of now, no script is finalized. I will think on this after the release of ‘Savitri’.

Updated on April 21, 2020