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Puri Jagannadh Interview on ISM


Puri Jagganadh’s next film ISM is ready to roll. In a chitchat the director talks about his film, popular Telugu actors and his plans for future...

How is ISM different from the several anti-corruption films that we have seen?
Ten years ago this story came to my mind. I approached many heroes with this story. But finally the way this film has shaped up is slightly different from what I wrote initially. I have changed the story based on the current scenario. ISM will give you updated information on corruption. You have to watch the movie to know more.

Kalyan Ram looks different. Tell us more...
He plays the role of Satya Marthanda. Marthanda is the first magazine to have been published in our country. It was in British-era Bengal. I felt that Kalyan Ram was genuine to play this role. He has put his 100 percent, lost 14 kgs. This is a big achievement in itself. Watch him in ISM and you will know what I am talking about.

In real life, journalists don’t look like this?
To me journalists should be both mentally and physically strong. This is why we have given him a macho look. His body language is not cinematic, but is journalistic.

Is the film preachy? Does it offer solutions?
The film does give practical solutions. The solution here is not hero’s fight, but a message. Let me tell you that hero does not give any lecture in this film.

What is Aditi’s role?
She has worked really hard in this film and learnt many things for the character. Being former Ms India is a big plus. This film will give her success. She enacts the role of Javed bhai, a don.

What about the film with Mahesh Babu?
Sometime ago I told him a story and he liked it. But after that there has been no update from him. He needs to respond on this matter. I penned ‘Jana Gana Mana’ because I see no discipline in the society.

Remake of Temper in Bollywood, when will that happen?
I spoke to Abhishek Bachchan about this film. After seeing Temper he said that he might not be able to do justice to this character. About a film with NTR, a week after ISM’s release we will get clarity on that.

Ravi Teja, comment?
I want to work with him. But these days he is on a travel spree and is in no mood to work.

Future plans?
Now that I have worked with all stars I want to try making different kind of films. I have enough stories to make films for another 10 years.

Updated on October 19, 2016