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Prabhas Interview on Baahubali 2


Prabhas starrer Baahubali 2 is one of the much awaited films this season. In this chit chat the actor talks about the film in detail and also about his upcoming films.

What does Baahubali 2 have to offer?
The film has lots to offer. You will come to know why Kattappa killed Baahubali. But the way this answer will unfold is interesting. There are several unanswered questions and each question is answered in a unique way.

You play two characters, which one was more difficult?
Baahubali was a tough character to play. Shivudu was easy. Shivudu does not have anything to think about he just goes by his instinct. But Amarendra Baahubali is bigger and has responsibilities. He cannot behave on instinct. He has to behave in a particular way.

How did this film happen?
Several stories were narrated to be by Rajamouli before Baahubali. One was even on Krishna Devarayulu. He did not seem to be satisfied. But when he came up with Baahubali the story was with me for 4-5 days. The impact that this film gets is massive. You will see that in the second part.

How has Baahubali changed you?
We all have grown with this film. All the artistes and technicians of this film command huge respect. When we were promoting this film in Mumbai the journos there stood up as a mark of respect. We have worked for this like crazy. I don't know if we will show this kind of dedication to any film in future.

You are an international star now...
(Surprised) Really? Baahubali is an international film. When it comes to visualization we have given the best. Sometimes I feel that it is bigger than a Hollywood film. It is Rajamouli's vision completely. Visualizing this way is not an easy thing. Producers have given their everything for this film. Naturally we were worried for them. The film has to become a blockbuster, else the producers will lose everything and will never be able to recover.

You are yet to do another film, while most of your Baahubali co-stars have already done films?
May be I could have. But this film needed my complete dedication. Just the action of the film took 300 days to complete. The schedules were tough. Different portions of the film needed me to look different. Now my friends are advising me to do a love story in three months.

Will you be doing two movies in a year from now on?
It is not impossible. If planned well this it is possible to shoot the film in four months. Rajamouli had planned well in advance. We had finished shooting most part of the action sequences of part two while shooting part one itself.

How does it feel to be in Madame Tussauds?
It is a great feeling. After Baahubali happened, lots of things are happening.

Has Baahubali changed you as a person?
I changed even before Baahubali happened. That was at the age of 17. It was a life changing experience that taught me what is it to take responsibilities.

Tell us about your next film Saaho?
In another 2-3 days you will get to know about this film. I might even do a film in Bollywood. Sujeeth's film is also happening.

Let us see, post Baahubali 2.

Updated on April 18, 2020