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'If they come up with impressive scripts, I will surely produce it under other’s direction' - Haranath Policherla


Actor, producer and director Haranath Policherla, who delivered ‘Hope’ and ‘Chandrahas’ in the past, is coming up with a new film ‘Tik Talk’. He is directing and producing the film. The recently released songs have got wonderful response from audience. The film is releasing on Friday i.e. on May 19. In this happy occasion, Haranath Policherla has a chat and some excerpts are:

I had great passion on films right from my childhood
I had great passion for films and acting right from my childhood and hence I entered the film industry. I used to play stage shows since I was 10 years old. I used to participate in drama competitions in school.

I have strong faith in god
I was born and brought up in Tirupati. I used to climb Tirumala hills by foot on every second Saturday. I continued the same for 10 years. I have strong faith in god.

I learned dances
I used to attend America Telugu Association and North America Telugu Association programs frequently. I have learned Kuchipudi dance to perform on the stage. I have learned Salsa and Samba dances as well.

Cinema is an art
I earned fame as a Neurologist doctor and reached top range. Not only fame but also earned profits. Later I entered the film industry. Cinema is an art, I don’t look it as a business.

We must think before work
We must keep full concentration while penning scripts, dialogues and while designing a characterisation. Through that we can get mental peace. I will get self-satisfaction through films. Due to this, I have been living a healthy life.

My acting career began with a Kannada movie
My acting career began with a Kannada film. A Kannada movie’s shooting took place at my home. Then I played a small roe in that film. After that I played villain in the same director’s another film. Later I entered into Tollywood.

‘Chandrahas’ had earned good recognition to me
My first film in Telugu is ‘Prema Yanamaha’. I got appreciations from my family members and I won Nandi Award.

I give importance to the story
I introduce new people through my every film. I always give importance to the story. If they come up with impressive scripts, I will surely produce it under other’s direction. If the script is very impressive, I will surely take big projects as well. I like to do mythological films. If everything goes well, I will surely bring mythological films in future.

‘Tik Talk’ will provide 100% entertainment
‘Tik Talk’ is fully loaded with entertainment. Comedy in the film will surely will leave audience in splits. There is a romance in the film, but without any obscenity. There are two heroine in the film, one is hero’s maradalu character and the other is modern girl character.

I am sure the film will impress everyone
The film is blended with all elements like suspense, thrilling and horror which will impress all sects of audience. I am extremely confident that the film will become big success.

I believe in 'Service to mankind is service to god.'
The greatest service is the social service. As a doctor, I am already giving service to people. I am giving treatment to the poor people for less amount. All these services are for my self-satisfaction.

It’s the most unforgettable and wonderful experience
‘Hope’ is a good message oriented film in my career. I made that film only for the society. Ramanaidu garu played the lead role in that film directed by Sathish. It’s an unforgettable and wonderful experience that I have produced the film which has legendary producer Dr. D Ramanaidu played the lead.

Updated on April 18, 2020